About Us

With Rümi, you can be confident in homeownership again

We are Rümi, the newest member of the ATCO family. We want to make homeownership a little easier, and a little happier, every day. Today, we offer a number of home products and cleaning services to help you finally feel like your home doesn't own you. Although we are small right now, we are growing to bring home happiness to you through a ton of products and home maintenance, repair and installation services that can give you back control over your home. We know your parents probably appreciate the call, but we want you to be your go-to when things don't go as expected. 

Your life is busy, so let us help you manage your schedule and take some of the load off.

We work with third-party experts that genuinely care as much as we do and operate with the safety, trust, and happiness of our customers at the top of their mind. When something breaks down, you want a trusted advisor to be there when you need them. We are that team. We are Rümi. Because home should be the stress-free sanctuary that it was always meant to be.

What’s Rümi?

Rümi - the name is a metaphor for trust and is pronounced “roomie” like a helpful roommate. Rümi is that trusted friend you’ve known since you were kids. You know, the one who helps you purge your junk, deep clean your carpets and vacuum your dryer vents. Yeah, kinda like that friend—only we won't also ask to crash on your sofa for three months. 

Our Story

The culture of caring for customer wellbeing, and exceeding expectations, is nothing new to us.

They’ve been part of our brand’s DNA since we started as ATCO more than 70 years ago. Over the course of these decades, our customers have come to know us as the company they can rely on for dependable service, innovative solutions and an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Enduring and unchanging, these traits are now the inspiration for, and driving force behind, building a new business, whose mandate goes much further, to encompass the entire home. Rümi. We are a team of people devoted to helping people maximize their “homeowner happiness.” To do this, we offer maintenance, repair, cleaning, advice, products, energy and installation services throughout our customers’ homes—with levels of friendliness and competence never previously experienced.

To succeed in this lofty endeavour, we must create a seamless experience between Rümi, our partners, and our customers that maintains, and builds upon, the extraordinary levels of trust, responsiveness and satisfaction that have always been the hallmark of the ATCO brand.

Why we exist: 

We exist to help homeowners maximize their homeowner happiness and to support small to medium-size business owners with solutions.

To do this, we lean on our core values:

  • Integrity 
    • We are insightful problem-solvers who do right by our customers, team and business—Every. Single. Day.
  • Caring 
    •  We are always, in all ways caring. We constantly build connections and engagement with every touchpoint–both with customers and with fellow Rümineers.
  • Agility 
    • We are both fierce and friendly, forging new paths while making space for laughter along the way.
  • Collaboration 
    • We are one team who solves, serves and wins, together!

Learn more about how these values come to life in our House Rules