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Why join Rümi?

At Rümi we’re focused on making it easier for everyone to love the places they live or work. If we can help someone be more comfortable in their home through great products and services, by delivering delicious and inspiring meals and recipes, or by providing the energy they need to heat and cool their safe haven, then we’re there to make it happen. 

Rümi’s Business Services, offers small-to-medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs a suite of products, services and innovations designed to enhance business owner confidence. We want to prevent stress and empower business owners in their work life, so they can enjoy more of their home time and focus on what they do best – grow their business.    

Here are just a few of the reasons our people (aka Rümineers) love to work at Rümi:

  • Impact Lives Where People Live

    Everyone at Rümi has the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives at the heart of where they live or work.

  • Forge New Paths
  • Forge New Paths 

    We are building something new, and that means there’s lots of opportunities to contribute. You can be part of the co-creation of a growing business, forging new paths while having fun along the way.

  • Build Your Home Here

    Unlike that plant you had in University, we want to see you grow and thrive. We want people to build careers with us, and so we offer ample opportunities to advance both within Rümi and ATCO.

  • Don’t Live Where You Work

    Well…for now, most of us are working where we live. Even though we’re working from our home offices, patios and kitchen tables until we’re all safe and comfortable returning to the office, we strongly believe in work-life balance. We respect your time off, as we all know that the most precious moments often happen outside of work. 

  • Work with Some Pretty Awesome Rümineers

    Our team shares the passion and energy to make a positive difference in the lives of homeowners and business owners. We challenge each other while celebrating wins and learning from mistakes, together. Just don’t challenge us to a game of foosball unless you’re ready to bring it.

Okay, So Really, Why Join Rümi?

Okay, So Really, Why Join Rümi?

If you’re not yet convinced that working at Rümi could be the smartest decision you ever made, we also offer:

  • Adaptable benefit packages that match your busy life, because we know you’re a scheduling contortionist most days.
  • Competitive compensation, pension matching, and ATCO share options. Cha-ching.
  • Access to Perkopolis, that offers discounts and deals on your favourite places to shop and travel, or, to shop when you travel. That’s more like it.
  • Continuing education support. Enjoy keeping some paycheque for yourself finally.
  • Summer employment opportunities for dependents of Rümi team members. It's like bring your kid to work day, but better. 
  • Opportunities to give back. Through ATCO, we help champion fundraising efforts for over 800 charitable organizations around the globe. Team members who volunteer more than 50 hours per year can also apply for a donation to a charity of their choice.

    *Benefits eligibility may vary depending on full-time, part-time or casual status


What We Expect From Each Other

We are Pioneers

Expect some unpredictability as we go on this journey building a new business together. Much like explorers, our team members are comfortable with a quick pace and are able to adapt to change. This doesn’t mean we’re unorganized, but you should feel prepared for the unexpected. We encourage each other, learn together, and take every opportunity to celebrate the milestones in our adventure. 

Not Enough Time In The Day

This might not always be a nine-to-five job. But we try our best to not let long hours happen often. We meant what we said about the importance of having a work-life balance, it’s just bringing new ideas to life will require some flexibility at times.

Three Businesses, One Team

We operate three distinct business units under our Rümi banner; Rümi Products & Services, ATCOenergy and the Blue Flame Kitchen. We are all expected to work together and connect with other Rümineers outside of our direct working teams. You don’t need to be a social butterfly but saying “hi” to someone new can go a long way in building strong relationships. 

Growing Together

We are growing. We also want to invest in your growth, but we all need to put in the effort to create that give-and-take dynamic. We expect our people to be performance driven, accept challenges head on, embody a “put me in coach” attitude, and demonstrate an openness to learn new things.

If Rümi sounds like a place you would love to advance your career, then we want to hear from you!

Okay, So Really, Why Join Rümi?
Alberta's Top Employer Award 2022
Alberta's Top Employer Award 2022


Rümi is thrilled to be one of Alberta’s Top Employers for 2022! Rümi’s best practices have enabled our company to create an exceptional workplace by co-creating an engaged, enthusiastic, values-based culture in our Rümineer community.

Job Categories

We operate three distinct business units under our Rümi banner; Rümi Products & Services, ATCOenergy and the Blue Flame Kitchen. Under each of these banners, there are a host of diverse opportunities.