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We operate three distinct business units under our Rümi banner; Rümi Products & Services, ATCOenergy and the Blue Flame Kitchen. Under each of these banners, there are a host of diverse opportunities.

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Rümi Products and Services

Under this line of business, we’ve got team members that are continually working to build our product and service offerings. These individuals are not just driven to improve the homeowner experience, they are innovative and seriously passionate about all things home. These roles include product and services managers, home inspectors and handy men and women.

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In our retail energy company, the team consists of sales advisors, pricing analysts, project managers and business analysts who are not just savvy but offer a high-touch customer experience as they work to support residential and small-to-medium sized businesses in Alberta with energy solutions. They also work with Rümi products and services to add some extra support to Alberta’s businesses.

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Support Services

Rümi Support Services

Under the Rümi banner, we’ve got teams that consist of left-brain analytical individuals and right-brain creative types that support the efforts of all three lines of business. These roles include marketing enthusiasts, call centre advisors and of course those critical financial and accounting experts. 

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Blue Flame Kitchen

The kitchen is certainly the heart of the home. This 90-year old brand has been part of ATCO’s long-standing history in Alberta. And of course, as the heart of the home, this brand complements our Rumi banner in a lot of ways that just make sense. This group supports our community by offering helpful tips and tricks around the kitchen, develops chef-prepared take-away-meals, catering, cooking classes and so much more. In this team, you’ll find roles like chefs, café staff, event and catering specialists and project support team members.

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