The House Rules: Our Values in Action

As Rümineers, we like to have fun, but there are a few things we do take seriously and that’s how we show up every day. If the way we live our values on a daily basis is a good fit, you should be keen to follow us for opportunities to grow your career. Below are the house rules for our team members.

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As a Rümineer, I show Integrity by:

  • Doing what’s right, even when I’d rather do what’s easy.

  • Asking questions to better understand people’s needs. Making assumptions tends to deliver mixed results.

  • Turning challenges into opportunities, knowing that an exciting journey may be starting.  

  • Following through on promises I make to customers and team members.

 I will always in all ways be Caring by:

  • Acting neighbourly with teams and customers by making the effort to reach out first and create meaningful connections. 

  • Looking up from my phone and listening to understand what life is like for others.

  • Helping in big ways and in small. Whether it’s accepting an extra project or showing the newbie where to nab the “good” dry erase markers.  

  • Demonstrating the courage to have tough conversations, because I believe our team can accomplish big things when we are open and honest with each other.

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I will show Agility by:

  • Challenging the status quo and daring myself to break old habits and welcome change. Just please don’t ask me to give up Netflix binges.

  • Accepting that everyone drops the ball, including me. I will use my mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Moving quickly to prioritize important matters while ensuring my actions are also based on accurate information. 

  • Acknowledging that encountering bumps in the road is normal, and I will do my best to find a way over, under or around them.

I will be Collaborative by:

  • Being accountable to my co-workers and never let them down.

  • Rejecting an “us vs. them” mindset and build strong bridges across the organization. We may operate as three businesses, but we work together to succeed. 

  • Taking the time to celebrate others’ successes. This may be over greasy nachos at the pub or sending a “congrats” emoji when I hear the good news.

  • Opening my mind to different perspectives and opinions—like accepting that some people enjoy cilantro. 

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