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Grow your business with Rümi.

Ready for more calls, more jobs, more support and more growth?

Hi, we’re Rümi, powered by ATCO. And we’re partnering with service professionals like you to provide top-quality home maintenance, repair and upgrading services to our fellow Albertans.


Why partner with us?

To grow your business.

Our vendor partnership program is unlike anything else in the marketplace. As we grow across the province, you grow alongside us. Together we’ll bring more great services to more great Albertans.

Because our marketing dollars = your marketing dollars.

Our advertising and marketing targets homeowners in need of all kinds of services. As Albertans reach out to us, we create opportunities to cross-sell and promote your business while booking more customers for your services.

To improve your certifications & training

Our rigorous safety certifications mean potential lower insurance costs as well as health & safety certifications that could open the doors to larger contracts for your business.

Because we’re trusted by Albertans

With a proud Alberta heritage, ATCO has a large customer base that counts on us for trusted products and services for their homes. Partnering with Rümi means teaming up with ATCO’s 75 years of service, excellence and innovation.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Partnering with us is simple.

Yeah, OK, so we want to work with you. But we’re not the “boss” — this is a partnership! Your input and feedback are essential to our growth. After all, we both want the same thing: to serve our customers with excellence. And we both know, that exceeding customer expectations and constantly working to improve the customer experience isn’t easy. Since you’re already doing the hard parts, we’re keeping our partnership process simple.

We’re specifically looking for..

Service providers like you are the backbone of maintaining a happy home.

And at Rümi, that’s exactly what we’re here to bring all Albertans. When you’re ready to grow your business with more jobs, more connections, more experience and more support, start your application today. We’re ready to partner with you.

Become a product vendor with Rümi contact:

Twyla  Ellis
Category Manager- Products