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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improve your dryer's efficiency while reducing a fire risk! 

Clogged vents can be a massive fire hazard and additionally add poor airflow and air quality for your business, home etc. Protect your customers, guests and tenants with well-maintained dryer vents. 

Additionally, a clean vent increases your energy efficiency, reducing utility costs. 



This service is currently available in Calgary, Edmonton and their surrounding areas.



Since every project is unique, our pricing is all estimate-based. Don’t worry about receiving a surprise bill though. We’ll go over the cost of the entire project with you before the work begins. 


What to Expect 

  • Give our happiness advisors a call to book this service or request a quote through the website. 
  • Our team will first inspect the vents through a visual inspection. 
  • They will then remove all the lint and debris from the vents. 
  • Line sanitation will then occur removing all the harmful bacteria, fungi and allergens that might be living in the vents. 


Why Rümi? 

Think of us as a trusted concierge for your business or home. We partner with local service experts who share our values and meet our rigorous safety, skill and happiness standards. We've done the legwork, groundwork and straight-up work-work so you don't have to. 

Our guiding mission is to keep your business or home looking and feeling its finest. 



  • How often should I clean my dryer vents?

    This depends on the size of the home or business, but dryer vents should be cleaned once a year.  

    If you’re constantly running the dryer at your business, we would recommend cleanings more often.

  • How long does the dryer vent cleaning take?

    A residential property takes between 15 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity and location of the dryer vent.

  • Why should I get my dryer vent cleaned?
    • A clean dryer operates more efficiently and dries clothes more speedily. 
    • Removing lint, debris and clogs ensures proper airflow. 
    • Prevent a fire hazard by removing all the lint you can’t see.