We have a Winner!


It’s official. Albertans have (and are) some truly amazing neighbours.  

We’re beyond thrilled to announce the winner of our Nominate A Neighbour Contest

Natalie V. from Calgary nominated her neighbours Laszlo & Pat. Here’s why Natalie thinks they’re such amazing neighbours:  

“I am a single mom of twins who were born in March of 2020. It has been a lot harder to manage without all of the help I imagined having. Pat and Laszlo are my neighbours, and for the last year and half they have been shoveling my walks, mowing my lawns and generally cleaning up the yard. They also have run errands and have been making me dinner a few times a week. They care so much about us and it makes me smile to know there are people like them in this world.”  

It makes us smile too, Natalie! We hope you love your Rümi gifts and your porchrait with local photographer Neil Zeller!  

More good neighbour stories

Thanks to everyone who nominated their incredibly neighbourly neighbours! These are some of the heart-warming, inspiring and smile-inducing stories you shared.  

“Our neighbour Per is amazing. He is in his early 70s yet very active and engaged in our community. Our young children call him 'Uncle Per' and he always has a "hello" and story to share. This year during the pandemic, he helped us out immensely by transporting our two oldest children to a nature play program once a week. We aren't sure who enjoyed those outings more - our kids or Per! He is the kind of neighbour that everyone wishes they had!” -Erin  

“Robyn and Brad are our neighbours, and when COVID hit at its hardest, we barely knew them. Despite being locked down, we made friends over the fence. One day, we decided to build a fold-down fence panel that converted to a bar so we could socialize easier. This couple is now our best friends and rarely a night goes by that we aren't all out there together, sharing stories and supporting each other and our families.” – Hope 

“Shelley was my first neighbour when I moved into a new neighbourhood after leaving an abusive relationship. From bringing over baked goods to taking me on her walks with her rescue dog, Shelley has been a supporter of mine since Day 1 and she even checks my mail when I'm out of town!” – B.R. 

“Dave lets my kids jump on his trampoline all summer long, shovels our walk, lights up the neighbourhood with unforgettable Christmas lights, gives clothes for my kids and drops off dinner for us!” – Jen 

Take Back Your Saturday

As your newest neighbour, Rümi’s on a mission to celebrate all the great neighbours out there! Let us take care of your home to-do list, so you can reclaim your free time (and maybe drop in on your neighbour for a visit!)

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