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When was the last time you cleaned your furnace filters? How about your home’s air duct system? Fixed that ugly dent in the wall? It may feel like it was just last year, but if you’re one of the many people who’ve let these tasks slide by for years — you’re not alone.  

Whether you’re moving to a new home or refreshing the one you have, Rümi Service Bundles are a one-stop shop for home cleaning and maintenance. Get it all done in one bundle to save money and cross off that to-do list! 

What to expect with a service bundle

  • Save 10% or more when you purchase a service bundle with Rümi.
  • We accept payments upfront or in monthly installments.
  • Pick a time that's convenient for you! Get all your services done at once, or at any time during the year.
  • We’ll remind you when it’s time to book your next service to help you stay on track if you don't choose to complete all services at the same time.
  • Give our Customer Care Happiness Advisors a call if you have questions about purchasing a service bundle.


Choose a Rümi Service Bundle

Spring Outdoor Service Bundle

Spruce Up Your Outdoors Bundle

Save on all the services you need to get your yard and home exterior in tip-top shape for spring!

Super Clean Service Bundle

Super Clean Bundle

This bundle covers the basic items all homeowners should have on their annual to-do list. Are they on yours?

Ludicrously Clean Bundle

Ludicrously Clean Bundle

The name says it all. This bundle cranks up the clean with a host of deep-cleaning services. 

Move Service Bundle

Marvelous Move-In Bundle

Make your next bold move into a space that's clean, secure and ready for your next chapter!