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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Get your dryer vent professionally vacuumed.

Who knows what treasures you’ll find?

But more important than retrieving a few coins and a gum wrapper, cleaning your vent helps increase the lifespan of your dryer and improves energy efficiency.

Vacuuming also decreases a potential fire hazard. Most homeowners know it’s important to clear out the lint trap after each load of laundry. However, the greater concern is the lint you can’t see. Flammable material builds up in the dryer vent and ducts, which can cause the dryer to operate at higher-than-normal temperatures and potentially catch fire.



This service is currently available in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and their surrounding areas.



Dryer vent cleaning is typically done from the exterior of the home, but it may be done from the interior if the outside isn’t accessible. Because of these variables, we quote this service on-site.


What to expect?

  • Give our home happiness advisors a call to book this service or request a quote through the website. You can also request through the Rümi app available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.
  • Our techs will inspect your home and determine if the cleaning can be completely done from the exterior or if they’ll need to go inside.
  • The cleaning will take about an hour and our techs will ensure you’re your vents are squeaky clean before considering the job done!
  • Are you looking to purchase more than one cleaning service? Get it all done in one of Rümi's Service Bundles to save money and cross off that to-do list! Save up to 10% off when buying a bundle.


Why Rumi?

Think of us as a trusted concierge for your home. We partner with local service experts who share our values and meet our rigorous safety, skill and happiness standards. We've done the legwork, groundwork and straight-up work-work so you don't have to.

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