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Upholstery Cleaning


Revitalize Your Life. Start with Upholstery.

Furniture Cleaning

Nothing says, “Look mom, I’ve got my life together,” like sparkling furniture. Too bold a claim? We don’t think so.

We use non-toxic solutions that are not only safe and effective but can also protect upholstered items so that they remain clean and fresh long after we’ve gone.

All of our cleaning methods are selected based on your furniture’s fabric and specific needs. Since furniture varies so much, we will take all factors into account to make sure the cleaning process works and doesn’t cause damage.

Most people should have their furniture cleaned professionally every 12-to-18 months, depending on traffic, and if kids and pets keep things lively. If you have asthma, allergies, or other health issues, keeping upholstery clean becomes even more important to sustaining your quality of life.


Pricing (Estimated rates)

Pricing is determined per piece but also depends on if stain removal treatment is applied.


Dining chair (seat only) $15.00
Dining chair (seat and back)        $25.00
Ottoman $25.00
Armchair $59.00
Loveseat $79.00
Sofa $99.00
5 Seat Sectional  $169.00
6 Seat Sectional $199.00


Package Pricing 

Sofa and loveseat $159.00
Sofa, Loveseat and Chair              $189.00