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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors



Safety is Our First, Second, and Only Priority

A smoke detector is the very best way to protect your family from a fire emergency. Plus, many homes in Alberta use natural gas, so carbon monoxide detectors are an absolute must. 

Do I Have to Hard-Wire My Detector?

Wiring smoke or carbon monoxide detectors into your home’s main electrical source is often the safest and most reliable option, since it doesn’t require battery power—but wiring is not something you want to get wrong. 

Enlist the help of our expert electricians to ensure your units work as they should and when they need to. There’s simply no room for error. 

If there is a fire in the building, the electricity to your home may be cut off. If this happens, the backup battery will kick in to alert you to danger.

Why Can’t I Just Rely on Battery Power? 

The problem with batteries is that they quickly drain and should be replaced every 6 months, but we know life gets busy and sometimes homeowners forget to keep up with that replacement schedule.


Are Plug-In Monoxide Detectors Ok?

Plug-in carbon monoxide detectors are a popular option, and they don’t require additional wiring. (Smoke detectors are rarely found in plug-in options because smoke rises in a room and therefore the detectors need to be located along the ceiling to better protect you). Also, while power loss is often a result of fire, carbon monoxide issues rarely, if ever, cause power outages. Your plug-in carbon monoxide detector is almost completely guaranteed to work in the presence of a carbon monoxide issue.

Where to Install your Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

At least one carbon monoxide detector must be installed on each floor of the home, including the basement. Consider adding a detector in your garage if it’s attached to your home. Ideally, you’ll want to install a carbon monoxide detector inside or directly outside of each bedroom or sleeping area. The effects of carbon monoxide are nearly impossible to detect when sleeping. If CO is detected, the alarm will sound to alert and wake you.

*This service is currently only available in Edmonton, but we look forward to offering electrical services to our neighbours in the Calgary area soon. 

  • Why Rümi?

    Rümi’s roots stretch back 70+ years as part of the ATCO family. We are well-established and we aren’t going anywhere. While smaller companies may sometimes be able to provide lower quotes, consider the real price you’ll pay if they’re not around in five years when you need something repaired under their warranty. Rest assured that Rümi will still be here.