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Wiring Installation & Repair


GFCI Outlet Wiring & Installation 

Need a GFCI outlet installed or moved? We can install your GFCI outlet, or any type of electrical outlet, for that entertainment unit you just purchased. We can also move an existing outlet to accommodate renovations or new furniture.

What’s GFCI outlet wiring?

GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupters. You’ve seen them before. They look like regular three-pronged outlets, but they are actually mini circuit breakers that can shut off current to an outlet in as fast as 1/40 of a second.

Why GFCI outlet installation matter?

  • Safety first: GFCIs are much safer than traditional outlets. They’re required on outlets that come within six feet of a water source, but we recommend you put them on all outlets in and around your home.

  • Technology: Keep your home up to date with the latest technologies and building codes.

  • Resale: Most home inspectors now require that GFCI's be installed before a home is purchased/sold. Swap things out before you have to. Making changes on your terms can save time, money, and help avoid hazardous incidents.



Surge Protection Installation & Repair 

Protect your home appliances and computers from costly surges with the right hardware. Our electricians assess your home and identify where and which surge protectors you need. We also install whole-house surge protectors.

Don’t Let Energy Surges Fry Your Budget

An unexpected power surge has the power to destroy appliances and electronics. Consider investing in a whole-home surge protector system to avoid potentially destructive power surges and spikes.

Why Does My Home Need Surge Protection?

Almost every home in Alberta has expensive electronic equipment inside: TV’s, A/C units, water heaters, refrigerators, entertainment equipment, hot tubs, computers, the list goes on. All of these items can easily add up to thousands of dollars, and all are vulnerable to power surges. You can very easily save money and protect ALL of your valuable items in your home with a panel surge protector.

How Much Does a Surge Protector Cost?

Home Surge Protection is very affordable! Call our Rümi specialists at 1-844-777-7864 for more information.

What Can Cause a Power Surge?

A lightning strike to a nearby power line may trigger a surge to enter your home, or something as simple as turning on the vacuum cleaner can trigger a surge as well. Anything that’s plugged in can get “fried,” whether it’s turned on or off. Avoid such a costly home mishap with a quality surge protector system.

Book a free estimate or give us a call to discuss electrical services and any of the other home services that Rümi provides.


*This service is currently only available in Edmonton, but we look forward to offering electrical services to our neighbours in the Calgary area soon. 

  • Why Rümi?

    Rümi’s roots stretch back 70+ years as part of the ATCO family. We are well-established and we aren’t going anywhere. While smaller companies may sometimes be able to provide lower quotes, consider the real price you’ll pay if they’re not around in five years when you need something repaired under their warranty. Rest assured that Rümi will still be here.