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Furnace Installation

There will be no icicles hanging from your nose on our watch!

Furnace installs done right. We carry a wide range of furnaces, from entry-level single-stage options to top-of-the-line modulating variable speed models. All installations are inspected and completed to the highest standards.

Installing the right-sized furnace for your home is important to save on those energy bills. An oversized furnace will not operate at or near peak efficiency and an undersized furnace will not heat your home properly. Our experts are here to help you with the perfect unit!



This service is currently available in Calgary, Edmonton and their surrounding areas.



The cost of a furnace installation varies based on several factors like the size of your house or your home’s calculated heat loss. Our in-home advisors will evaluate your home and suggest the best installation options for you.


What to expect

  • Give our home happiness advisors a call to book this service or request a quote through the website. You can also request through the Rümi app available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.
  • Our home happiness advisors will recommend and help you pick the right furnace for your home. We balance comfort, efficiency and budget in all our recommendations.
  • Our techs will install your new furnace along with safely removing and disposing of the old one.
  • Once installed the tech test for air leaks, ensure airflow is ideal and make sure you’re ready to stay nice and toasty during the next 30 below cold spell.
  • Rümi does not consider the job complete until you’re toasty warm and energy-efficient!


Why Rümi?

Think of us as a trusted concierge for your home. We partner with local service experts who share our values and meet our rigorous safety, skill and happiness standards. We've done the legwork, groundwork and straight-up work-work so you don't have to.

Our guiding mission is to create homeowner happiness, one smile at a time.

  • When should I replace my furnace?

    On average, furnaces should be replaced every 15-20 years, if they’ve been properly maintained.

    Of course, you want to replace it on your terms and timeline, and not when it suddenly gives out at 3 am on Christmas morning—so, consider a Rümi virtual home check-up to determine the lifespan that’s left in your furnace.

  • What is a furnace installation?

    The electrical, duct, pluming and gas components need the expertise and specialized tools of an HVAC professional to ensure a safe installation. Furnace installation is best not to be tackled on your own, but don’t worry, Rümi's got you!

  • How long does the install take?

    The install time will vary from project to project. A typical installation is estimated to take about 6-8 hours, but additional furnaces and larger scopes of work will change this accordingly. The technician will review the time scale with you once they’ve scoped the project.

  • What does the tech need from me?

    We just need you to make sure there's easy access to the furnace so our techs can do their work.

    If possible, leave some space on your driveway for our van so our techs can access all tools and devices they might need as some are directly built into the van.