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Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

For such a small piece of hardware, your door locks have a very big job: keeping you safe every day and providing you peace of mind.

If you’ve locked yourself out (It happens. No judgement.) or you’re being proactive by installing new locks after a move, we’re ready to help. So when your wiggles and jiggles aren’t working or you’ve lost track of who has your spare key, we’ll diagnose, repair, re-key, or replace it as needed.  

*These services are currently offered in Calgary only.  

  • Lockout Services

    Lockout Services

    Whether your keys have gone missing – or you can see them through the window but can’t reach them, our lockout services will get you back in.  

  • Rekeying


    A lock can only protect you if its keys are in good hands. Re-keying your locks should be a regular part of your safety protocol. The process is faster and less expensive than lock replacements and gives you peace of mind.   

  • Lock Installation

    Lock Installation & Repair  

    Whether you’re looking to repair your existing locks or you want to replace them with a more sophisticated system, our experts can help. Call us for sticky locks, keys broken inside, or other annoying lock-related problems or expert installations of your desired safety systems. 


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