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Siding Installation


Improve your home’s curb appeal with new siding and cladding.

Rümi’s siding experts not only install, maintain and repair, they can also help you navigate the seemingly endless selection of siding and cladding products. 


Why Should I Replace My Siding?

New siding is one of the best ways to give your home a curb appeal boost. With the right product—whether it's vinyl, steel, fibre cement, composite, or aluminum—you can improve your home’s exterior while increasing its property value. 

Choose from a complete line of siding options:

  • Premium vinyl siding
  • Fibre cement siding
  • Engineered wood siding
  • Hardboard siding (pressboard)
  • Insulated siding
  • Cedar siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Composite siding
  • Steel siding panels


Additional Options

We can also install a feature wall or section, like faux stone, cedar, board and batten or shake-style elements to create a unique and polished look.

If you’re looking to increase the R-value of your exterior walls, consider adding insulation during the siding process. It’s fairly simple to do during the entire installation project.

No matter what you choose, our expert siding technicians will ensure everything is installed professionally, guaranteeing functionality, durability, and great-looking quality. Enjoy the beautiful exterior of your home for many years to come, as well as all the time and money you’ll save from no longer having to maintain and repair old and inefficient siding.


Pricing Options

There are many options to consider for siding, but the most common product in Alberta is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is usually the most economical, but there are still lots of styles and colours to choose from within the category. Rümi’s expert can guide you through the selection process.

Higher-end siding options are also popular, as many homeowners choose fibre cement siding, engineered wood siding, composite siding, or hardboard siding for lasting, durable finish that looks great.


*This service is currently only available in Edmonton, but we look forward to offering siding installation services to our neighbours in the Calgary area soon. 

  • Our Process – How it Works

    Rümi’s home comfort advisors are always ready to identify potential issues and discuss your options. Our team knows all about the processes, products and technology to do the job right.

    Fill out a free quote request to get started. 

    1. We learn more about your needs and assign the right professional to your project. 
    2. We visit your home to assess the siding and cladding in person. We do not base quotes off of satellite imagery, as that’s a sure way to miss vital details. 
    3. We consider all facets of your project before making a final recommendation. 
    4. You receive a free quote with a firm price and complete breakdown of all work. We’re happy to go over the quote in detail with you to ensure it makes sense and includes everything on your wish list. 
    5. If you select Rümi, we send over a contract to be signed and work can begin on the agreed-upon date. 
    6. Our professionals contact you before any materials are due to arrive so you may organize your property, if necessary, and are aware of people arriving on your premises. 
    7. When shopping for a siding company, remember to compare apples-to-apples. We never rely on bargain-basement materials or workmanship, meaning the lowest quote isn’t always the best choice for your home. 
    8. We clean up and remove any waste materials that were accumulated during a project. We leave your home’s surroundings exactly as we found them! 
    9. We are responsive and available to assist with any quality control issues post-project.