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Deep Root Fertilization


Man, this is getting deep

Some soils lack all the nutrients your trees need to stay healthy and happy. Malnourished plants can also become more vulnerable to pests and disease. 
Enter root zone fertilization. This deep treatment can help supplement your trees’ surrounding soil, giving plants the best chance to grow and flourish for years to come.
Rümi only uses top quality, low-salt-index fertilizers that prevent root burn. Ouch! We apply a mixture of fertilizer and water through pressurized injection directly into the root zones of your trees and shrubs. Our method aerates the soil as the mixture treats the deepest parts of your tree, allowing for better absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen. 
Deep fertilization treatments not only make roots stronger, they help your trees and shrubs recover more easily from dry spells and reduce the risk of drought injury.
So, what are you waiting for? Save the trees!

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*This service is currently only available in Edmonton, but we look forward to offering deep root fertilization services to our neighbours in the Calgary area soon.