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Disease & Insect Diagnosis


Prevent Issues Before They Start

Insect infestation and disease in trees and shrubs is very often a symptom of larger issues within your plants. When a tree is trying to heal itself from things like storm damage, drought or improper pruning, it’s left vulnerable to attack—kind of like when we humans are rundown and under slept, we’re more likely to get sick. 

Rümi’s certified tree specialists can diagnose your tree’s pest and disease issues and recommend a course of action. We’ll try to get to the heart of the matter and help your plants get back to health. We try to avoid pesticides, but if they really are necessary, we’ll refer you to a local licensed company that can provide you with this service. 


Prevention is Best 

It’s easier to maintain a strong and healthy tree than it is to cure one that’s been compromised. Keep your trees in tip-top shape by [pruning] when needed and even giving them a [deep fertilization treatment] from time-to-time to keep their roots, bark, branches and leaves happy.  


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