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Hazard Assessment


What's your damage?

Trees are mighty, but windstorms and inclement weather can sometimes pack quite the punch. If you’re concerned about a tree’s structural integrity and overall health after a severe weather event, call in the experts at Rümi to assess and suggest a course of action. 

Our certified arborists understand the potential risks and inherent weaknesses associated with different types of tree species, so they know what to look for depending on the plant.


How it Works

We’ll visit your property, evaluate the damage, and recommend the steps you can take in order to minimize any risks to your property or your safety. Bad weather sometimes wins the battle, but we’ll help your tree win the war.

Also, we realize that the tree in question might not actually sit on your property. Ask Rümi for tips and suggestions on how to talk to neighbours about a tree that they might own but has the potential to fall onto your property if it’s in poor condition.


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