Tree Removal & Cutting


Your First Call When Tree Removal is Your Last Resort

Rarely does anyone want to cut down a magnificent tree, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Damaged or diseased trees may continue to decay over time, leaving them structurally unsound and more prone to falling over in stormy weather. Not good.

Overgrown trees can also damage property. Out-of-control roots may crack and lift up concrete paths, get into your home’s foundation, and even wreak havoc on the sewage system if not kept in check. Really not good.

And, occasionally, if an overgrown tree is obstructing your million-dollar view, the view sometimes wins. No judgement. We’d probably do the same.


How do you assess if a tree needs to be removed?


Ask yourself the following:

  • Is the trunk damaged? Vertical cracks or large wounds may be a sign of internal decay.
  • Is the trunk hollow? Hollow trees lack structural integrity and are more prone to falling.
  • See any rotting or large fungus on the base of the tree? This could be a sign of internal decay and should be checked out.
  • Does the tree resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa? The roots might be weakening, making the tree at risk of falling.
  • Is the tree within close proximity to power or electrical lines? Trees should not touch electrical lines whatsoever. If the situation is too far gone for effective pruning, removing the tree might be the only way to go.


Is it OK to Remove a Tree Yourself?

No! We mean it. Don’t do it. Ever. Removing a tree without proper equipment and training is seriously dangerous. It’s simply not worth the money you think you might save by going it alone—especially if you end up damaging other property in the process, or even worse, injuring yourself or someone else.

Rümi’s arborists know what they’re doing. They are:

  • Expertly trained in assessing dangers
  • I.S.A. Certified Arborists in tree cutting and removal
  • Insured against damage to property
  • Equipped with all the tools, ropes, and rigging equipment needed for any job


Prevention is Key

If you’re concerned about a tree’s integrity, call in a certified expert sooner not later. Can we remove a tree that has already partially or completely fallen over? For sure—but trust us, you do not ever want things to get to that point if you can avoid it.


How much does it cost?

The cost of removing a tree depends on several factors such as the size, type, condition and location of the tree, along with the urgency of the situation. To properly assess the cost and effort required to remove or prune your tree, we recommend contacting one of our certified arborists to evaluate your situation.


Book a free estimate or give us a call to discuss tree removal and any of the other home services that Rümi provides.