Tree Pruning


Tree trimming isn’t just for Christmas


What is pruning?

Pruning is like giving your tree or shrubs a haircut. Except you’re trimming branches, not hair. Obviously. Pruning helps maintain a tree’s overall health and keeps it looking nice and manicured, too!

Why Do It? 

Diseased, damaged or dying branches can suddenly break off and pose a safety hazard. Better to trim them off when you’re in control of the situation, not when a gusty wind or heavy snowfall does some unexpected pruning for you.
Certain pests and diseases also like to make their home in trees’ branches. Safely removing affected areas will help ensure that the issue is addressed without spreading a bigger problem to nearby trees in the process. 
And let’s not forget vanity. You know that neighbour whose scraggly trees and shrubs give off a certain haunted house vibe? If that “neighbour” is actually you, a good tree and shrub pruning can bring your yard back from the dead. 
Finally, maintaining your trees and shrubs may actually be required according to city bylaws, especially if they overhang or block sidewalks and roads—so you may as well enjoy the aesthetic benefits of tree pruning as you follow through on your civic duty.

When To Prune?

Unlike getting a haircut, anytime is not the right time to prune a tree. Most deciduous trees like to be trimmed back in late winter or early spring before they begin to bud. Pruning at this time of year helps reduce bleeding and risk of spreading insects or fungus from one plant to the next. 
Do you have an elm tree? Elm trees can only be pruned from October 1 to March 31. This rule exists to curb the spread of Dutch Elm disease.

Can I Prune it Myself?

No! Leave tree pruning to the experts. While there are tons of things that Rümi encourages you to do yourself around the home, this ain’t one of them. You don’t want to ruin the look of your trees, or worse yet, compromise their health. The wrong cut can interfere with next season’s growth or even spread disease to an entire neighbourhood.
Trust the experts to do it safely and to do it right.
Rümi’s professionally trained I.S.A. Certified Arborists offer:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Shrub Pruning/Shaping
  • Hedge Shaping 


We prune all types of tree and shrubs:

  • Fruit trees
  • Elm and oak trees
  • Conifer (Spruce & Pine) 
  • All deciduous trees 


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