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Water Tank and Filtration Systems


A nice hot shower is what every homeowner wants to wake up to when they start their day. If your long hot shower feels like something of a distant dream or those energy bills are soaring it may be time to replace or repair your hot water tank. Rumi can help. 

We also have the services to ensure that your water is free of contaminants and minerals that can either leave your water tasting a little less refreshing than desired and prevent build up on pipes.


Why Rümi? 

Rümi’s roots stretch back 70+ years as part of the ATCO family. We are well-established and we aren’t going anywhere. While smaller companies may sometimes be able to provide lower quotes, consider the real price you’ll pay if they’re not around in five years when you need something repaired under their warranty. Rest assured that Rümi will still be here. 


  • Hot Water Tanks

    Hot Water Tanks

    Are those hot showers running cold? It might be time for a new hot water tank. Rumi can help install the right size and type of tank to reduce energy costs and make sure your showers are as steamy as you want them to be.

  • Water Purification & Softeners

    Water Purification & Softeners

    Nothing tastes better than a cold glass of water. A filtration system reduces the number of contaminants found in everyday drinking water. Rumi can also install water softeners to prevent build-up of minerals on the inside of pipes, fixtures, and hot water heaters.