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Glass Replacement

Why replace an entire window when you just need a glass upgrade?

If you have PVC or wood frames, you can replace the basic dual pane glass in your home with state-of-the-art, dual- or triple-pane energy-efficient glass. In most cases, it can be done within a day!

Old windows account for about 28% of your home’s heat loss. Energy-efficient double- or triple-paned glass can pay for itself over time. In fact, upgraded glass can be over 100% more energy efficient than older, uncoated glass models.



Glass replacement is available in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. 



Since every project is unique, our pricing is all estimate based. Don’t worry though, you won't receive a surprise bill. We will go over the entire project's costs with you before the work begins.


What to expect

  • Give our home happiness advisors a call to book this service or request a quote through the website. You can also request through the Rümi app available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.
  • During an in-home consultation, we’ll assess your home, make recommendations and walk you through the process. You’ll get to choose the frame, colour, glass and hardware that suit your home and your style.
  • Our InstallationMasters™  installer will be in touch to schedule the necessary precise and comprehensive measurements for your door selections.
  • When your production dates are finalized, we’ll give you a call and schedule an appointment to install your new doors.
  • It takes about 6 – 8 weeks from the time we get your request to the time your home has a fresh new entrance!


Why  Rümi?

Think of us as a trusted concierge for your home. We partner with local service experts who share our values and meet our rigorous safety, skill and happiness standards. We've done the legwork, groundwork and straight-up work-work so you don't have to.

Our guiding mission is to create homeowner happiness, one smile at a time.


  • What is Glass Replacement?

    Instead of replacing a full window, you can replace your basic dual pane glass with state-of-the-art, dual- or triple-pane energy-efficient glass if you have PVC or wood window frames. A glass installation takes much less time than replacing an entire window, and for most homes, can be completed within a day.

  • Is glass replacement available for all types of windows?

    Right now, we only do glass upgrades for PVC (vinyl) and some wood window frames. We hope to offer glass replacement for other frames types, like aluminum, in the future.

  • How long does glass replacement take?

    Replacing glass in an existing frame takes much less time than replacing an entire framed window. Installation time depends on the number of windows and other factors, but for most homes, the upgrade can be done within a day.

  • How much can glass replacement save me on energy costs?

    About 28% of the heat loss in your home is through the windows, so upgraded glass can pay for itself over time. High-performance glass can be over 100% more energy-efficient than older uncoated glass.

  • Where is glass replacement service offered?

    Right now, we offer our services in the Greater Edmonton Area. Expansion to additional locations will be announced in the future.

  • How much can I save by replacing just the glass?

    By upgrading the glass in several windows in your home, you could easily save thousands of dollars over the cost of complete window-and-frame replacement. Actual costs depend on your existing frames, the number of windows being upgraded, the type of replacement glass you choose, and other factors. Your representative will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a detailed cost estimate.

  • What is the InstallationMasters™ program?

    Our installers in Alberta are certified through the InstallationMasters™ Program, which teaches best practices and methods for installing windows and doors. We're the only people in Canada who do it, because we know it makes an important difference and provides our customers with the peace of mind they’re looking for.