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Non-Intrusive Monitoring for Caregiving.

Caring for Loved Ones with Smart Technology

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Worried about Mom or Dad as they grow older? Or perhaps a sick loved one needs a little extra support so you can have peace-of-mind when you’re not able to be there? Introducing Rümi’s newest product offering, HomeEXCEPT, which provides easy, preventative, non-intrusive monitoring for your loved ones by using discreet motion sensing technology. 

At Rümi, caring is in everything we do. It’s who we are. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with a trusted, award winning Canadian company to bring this unique, smart technology to our customers. HomeEXCEPT has earned their reputation across Eastern Canada, and we’re extremely excited to partner with them to launch this product in Western Canada!  

Learn more today about this ingenious and non-intrusive monitoring service by visiting Because who doesn’t want a little extra help caring for their loved ones?  


Receive One FREE month

To celebrate this exciting partnership, you will receive 1 FREE month of the HomeEXCEPT smart technology package when you sign up for a yearly subscription.