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  • Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

    Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

    This checklist covers all the essentials for summer home maintenance, so your home and yard can enjoy the summer along with you.

    Inspect air-conditioners 

    • Prep air conditioners and fans for their busiest season. 
    • Install window air-conditioning units. This is a two-person job, so make sure you grab a buddy to help with the heavy lifting. 
    • Remove and clean the filters before firing up the AC. If you have central AC, consider hiring a professional for a thorough cleaning and inspection. 
    • Clean all fans with a damp rag. Most portable fans have a removeable cage that you can unlatch to clean the blades. A ceiling-fan duster can help de-grime hard-to-reach areas. Just make sure you follow proper ladder safety if your ceilings are extra high. No sense in spending the sunniest time of year on the couch in a cast.  

    Give your clothes dryer a vacation 

    • Install an outdoor clothesline, or set up your dryer rack outside, to dry your laundry in the summer sun. You’ll save money on energy bills, and who doesn’t love the smell of air-dried sheets? Plus, natural sunlight is particularly good at making whites even brighter. One more reason to invest in those new summer shades you’ve had your eye on. Just sayin’.  

    Outdoor cookers 

    • Nobody wants to taste last summer’s grease on this summer’s burgers. Give your grill a deep cleaning to ignite the season. 
    • Gas grills: Turn the heat up and let the grill run with the lid closed for half an hour. Let it cool and brush off any icky residue left on cooking surfaces with a grill brush. Wipe down the exterior with a damp sponge and gentle cleanser and then wash out the drip pans. You’ll be cooking with gas in no time. 
    • Charcoal grills: For some, it ain’t grilling if it ain’t over an open flame. That’s fine, but you still have to clean your baby, we mean, grill. Empty out any leftover ash and charcoal and scrub the whole thing, inside and out, with hot water and a little liquid dishwashing soap. Let your grill dry completely before using it again. You’ll have the prettiest grill on the block. 

    Polish your porch 

    • Your porch probably took a beating over the winter and spring. Ice, mud, harsh temperatures, the works. Show your porch some love by sweeping painted porch floors first, followed by a good mopping with an all-purpose cleaner. You may even need to scrub floorboards with a brush if there’s a lot of grime to get through. 

    Analyze your deck 

    • Look over your deck for signs of rotting, and hammer in any nails that are poking up. Does your deck need new sealing? Sprinkle water on the deck's boards. If the water beads up, you're in good shape; if it soaks right in, it's time to reseal it. 

    Perk up patio furniture

    • Whether your patio furniture is made from plastic, iron, or painted or finished wood, the cleaning technique is the same. Rinse down furniture to start. Then, prepare a vinegar solution (mix one cup of vinegar to every three to four litres of hot water) and scrub the mixture onto surfaces with a sponge. Learn more about the advantages of cleaning with vinegar here. 

    Mulch to do

    • Adding a layer of mulch to garden beds keeps weeds down and helps the soil retain its moisture. Your annuals and perennials with thank you. 

    Lose the leaks

    • Did you know that even a tiny drip in an outdoor hose or faucet can add up to big wastes of water? Fix pinhole leaks in hoses by wrapping electrical tape around the hose when it’s dry. Faucet leaks may require the services of a pro plumber. 


    Summer Livin’ is Easy

    And there you have it. A good starter list for basic summertime household maintenance. Oh sure the sky is the limit when it comes to finding things to wash, refresh and fix, but we wanted to make sure you still have some time to enjoy the season before it’s gone again. 

    If you need a little help keeping up on home maintenance, give us a shout today to book a service

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