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    On Cloud Wine

    There are many ways to enjoy a beautiful summer evening. One of our favourite ways is amongst friends, with delicious food and wine. There is a wine (and a glass) for every occasion, so you can sip, sip, hooray all summer long!

    Pop, clink, fizz!  

    Champagne is a classic for celebrations, but what if we told you that you can (and should) enjoy a deliciously crisp glass of bubbly any time you please? You can buy a lovely bottle of prosecco or cava for a fraction of the price of champagne. Look for the words “brut” and/or “extra dry” on the bottle for that famous champagne taste. Pour your bubbles into elegant flutes and you’ve got yourself a party!   

    Bubbly is delicious on its own for a toast or casual sipping, but it also makes for an excellent pairing with appies and desserts. Impress your backyard BBQ guests by welcoming them with a glass of bubbly and some barbequed oysters.  

    Kick things up a notch by transforming your glass of bubbly into a zippy & delicious cocktail – the French 75. Shake 1 oz gin, ½ oz simple syrup (or honey) and ½ oz lemon juice over ice, pour into your flute and top with a sparkling wine of your choice. Yum!  

    White in time for summer 

    White wine and summertime tend to go hand-in-hand. Whether you prefer something dry and crisp or something sweet and refreshing, a glass of white wine is almost guaranteed to keep you cool on a warm summer evening (or afternoon, we don’t judge!)  

    If you’re more of a red wine person but want to try a white for the summertime, consider trying a California chardonnay (in a chardonnay glass, of course). Notes of oak and butter tend to replicate the savoury flavours of a red wine and pair deliciously with BBQ favourites like grilled chicken.  

    If a sweeter white wine doesn’t quite seem fun enough for your backyard soirée, why not whip up a pitcher of sangria? This is a great option for groups and can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge. Wine skeptics beware... you might fall in love with this deliciously fruity bevvie.  

    Yes way, rosé  

    Close your eyes... You’re sitting on a patio in the south of France. The waves softly crash on the shore and the sun warms your cheeks. It’s almost too hot. But it’s not too hot. It’s just right. Because you’re sipping on a perfectly crisp, refreshing rosé.  

    Open your eyes... Surprise - you’re in your backyard in sunny Alberta!  

    A deliciously dry rosé is the ultimate antidote to a scorching hot day. Be sure to look for a light salmon coloured wine, ideally from Provence, and serve it around 4-5 oz at a time in a white wine glass to ensure it stays chilled while you enjoy.  

    Because a dry Provençale rosé makes for an ideal afternoon sipper, we recommend pairing it with a simple and fresh nicoise salad. Speaking in a French accent isn’t necessary, but highly encouraged. Bon appétit!  

    Pro tip: Save yourself trips to the fridge and keep your bubbly, white, and rosé perfectly chilled wherever you are with a tabletop wine cooler

    You red my mind!   

    Red wine on a hot day might seem a bit strange, but if you’re grilling a delicious steak, how can you resist?! If you love a bold red to pair with your food, consider pouring your favourite cabernet sauvignon into a Bordeaux glass. The glass will preserve the original character and structure of the wine while its aromas and flavours become more expressive and generous, giving you a better picture of the wine’s true flavours. Talk about a culinary experience!  

    If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, Pinot Noir might be the red for you. Look for a soft, brick-red colour and consider serving it just slightly chilled.  

    Pro tip: Whether your bottle of wine is $20 or $200, decanting red wine is always a good idea. Pouring your wine into a decanter before serving allows the wine to breathe, release gases that develop inside the bottle and softens the tannins, giving your wine a smoother taste. 

    Orange you ready to try something new?  

    Orange wine? You read that right! While rosé is a wine made from red grape varietals and sits on the skins for just long enough to give it its signature blush, orange wine is exactly the opposite. Made from white grape varietals, orange wine is made by leaving the skins in the juice long enough to create a lively orange hue.  

    Bright, bold, and often a bit tart, orange wine is an unexpected way to shake things up and impress your guests. Serve chilled, just like white and rosé, and prepare to feel totally refreshed.  

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