Ecolink ZWave Plus Pet Immune PIR Motion Sensor

Ecolink ZWave Plus Pet Immune PIR Motion Sensor


Product Details

This Ecolink motion sensor is an excellent choice for keeping your home safe while avoiding false alarms from being triggered by your cat/dog or other pet up to 55lbs. Its discreet design means it’ll blend into your home decor seamlessly. The PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO can be used to perform a wide variety of home automation functions like having lights turn on when someone enters a room by informing the Z-Wave controller of the action. The sensor comes with the latest Z-Wave Plus technology from the new 500 series. You will need to connect the device to the Z-Wave network prior to use. Once connected, this device can be used to monitor for unwanted intrusions and can be used to trigger a Z-Wave alarm on the same network.