Ezlo Plug Hub 2 ZWave Hub and Switch
Ezlo Plug Hub 2 ZWave Hub and Switch l1

Ezlo Plug Hub 2 ZWave Hub and Switch


Product Details

The perfect addition to your smart home system - a smart plug with a built-in control hub. The Ezlo Plughub second generation combines all the best features of a smart home hub, smart plug and energy monitor. With the new generation, the Plughub now has improved memory for faster and better responsiveness and control for even more devices. Improved access to scene creation tools for more options and control to set up your home just the way you want it. The new Ezlo VOI allows for Alexa or Google Assistant connected devices to be added to the Ezlo system for a unified interface. The PlugHub offers true Plug and Play - instantly make any standard appliance smarter by just connecting it to the plug. Easily monitor the energy output of connected devices and get updates on usage to help manage consumption and potentially save on your energy bill. The PlugHub can also get readings from other ZWave metered class devices. This device conveniently works with both ZWave and Zigbee smart home systems and devices, and all connected devices can be controlled via the Vera app available for iOS and Android.