FloodStop V4 Inline Auto Water Shut-Off for Washing Machines Inline

FloodStop V4 Inline Auto Water Shut-Off for Washing Machines


Product Details

FloodStop is a leading manufacturer of water shut off valves, leak sensors and leak protection systems that can help prevent costly damage to your property. Washing Machine related flooding can happen at any time, from hoses with ruptures or failed fill switches, to cracked fittings, internal failures from clamps, valves, pumps and drains. Whether at home, at work, or on vacation these flooding events go undetected for hours or even days. Washing machines use a huge amount of water and are a major cause of damaging floods that can cause thousands of dollars in damage in no time. Floodstop FS3/4H-V4 can prevent costly damage by sounding an alarm and automatically turning off the water supply as soon as water activates the floor level water sensor. The Floodstop auto water shut-off runs on AC power, batteries, or both. The FloodStop FS3/4H is easily installed in minutes without requiring any special skills or tools! Inline (valves aim down the wall) and Recessed (90° pipe angle) valve options available. * Additionally, there is a 'normally open' connection on the FloodStop controller, that can be connected to an alarm panel, automation system or an auto-dialer to trigger additional events or to automatically turn off pumps or appliances when a leak is detected.