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Hey, neighbour!

We’re Rümi, the newest member of the ATCO family. And just like a good neighbour (or a handy “roomie”) we’re the easy and friendly answer to all your homeowner questions. We partner with local Alberta businesses to help deliver homeowner happiness. Check out what our partners are saying about us

Right now, you'll find our services available in Calgary, Edmonton and their surrounding areas, but you'll be able to find us in other Alberta cities soon. In the meantime, you can order any of our amazing products Canada-wide. 

Take Back Your Saturday Logo

Ever feel like your weekend has turned into an extended chore-session? Or you just want to relax in your home but you’re missing that one essential to make it just right?

We’re on a mission to fix that and make homeownership a happy thing. You need your carpets cleaned, your furnaces repaired and your gutters cleaned. There's no need to waste hours researching dozens of different options—we've done the legwork for you. And our online store carries everything from home security to a stuffed burger press (Mmmm. Burgers.)

So reclaim your free time, and book a service or start a cart today. 

Our services keep you happier in your home

Rümi offers many home services one call or click away. You need your carpets cleaned, your furnace repaired and a tree removed? We can help. With a growing host of home services, we're your go-to to get your to-do's done. So, check out our website for a full list of home services, and then book one (or two, or three).

Did someone say home essentials?

The Rümi online store carries so many things to add that little bit of happiness to your home—everything from home security to a stuffed burger press. Who even knew there was such a thing? Well, we did. And we think your home could be happier with one in it. Check out what else we've got in store for you.

Service Bundles

Save up to 20% when you bundle Rümi’s annually recommended services.

Tips to help keep your house tip-top

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Meet Our Family

As members of the ATCO family, Rümi, Blue Flame Kitchen and ATCOenergy make it easier for everyone to love the places they live and work, every day.