Siding Installation

Professional vinyl siding & cladding

Get your siding replaced in Calgary and Edmonton. Rümi offers professional vinyl siding and cladding installation for better home exterior protection and curb appeal.


Is your siding getting the side-eye?

Boost your home’s curb appeal with a new siding installation! Siding is your home’s first line of defence against wind, rain and the elements. Our pros will help you find the right material and aesthetic to give your home a facelift. In Alberta, it’s extra important to keep your home dry and safe from extreme weather.  

If your siding is lacking in beauty and brawn, it’s time for a replacement. Our home exterior techs will walk you through the process, so request a free quote today!  

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Available Locations

Looking for siding installation near me? Rümi vinyl siding contractors proudly serve Calgary and the surrounding areas. Check the list below to find your service area.  




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There are many options to consider for siding, but the most common product in Alberta is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is usually the most economical, but there are still lots of styles and colours to choose from within the category. Rümi’s expert can guide you through the selection process.  

Higher-end siding options are also popular, as many homeowners choose fibre cement siding, engineered wood siding, composite siding, or hardboard siding for lasting, durable finish that looks great.  

Since every project is unique, our pricing is all estimate-based. Don’t worry about receiving a surprise bill though. We’ll go over the cost of the entire project with you before the work begins.  

What to Expect

  • Before your appointment, our home exterior experts will assess the project and your home.  
  • We’ll offer a range of material options for you to choose from. Vinyl siding is the most common material and comes in many colours.   
  • We’ll make sure your new siding matches your home and taste.   
  • Our team will arrive on time with all the equipment and materials needed to complete the job.  
  • We don’t count a job complete until you are satisfied with the work.  

Why Rümi?

At Rümi, we’re basically your home’s personal assistant. We can arrange an installation, fix a problem, and have a specialized professional come look at the thing you’ve been avoiding under your sink. We have all the best vetted pros on speed-dial and freeing you from your to-do list is our #1 goal.           

Our guiding mission is to create homeowner happiness, one smile at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my home’s siding?

Since siding is your home’s first line of defence against the weather, it’s important to keep it maintained and intact. Here are some signs it’s time for a full replacement:  

  • Loose, missing or badly damaged panels  
  • Fading or aged appearance  
  • Warped, bucking, cracked siding  
  • Repairs have been more frequent  
  • Rotting, blistering or bubbling siding  

Not sure whether it’s time to repair or replace your siding? Request a quote today, and we’ll help you understand how much life is left in your siding and cladding.  

Siding repairs are a more affordable way to extend the life of your siding, especially if the damage is contained to specific sections. But if your siding is badly damaged, aging and repairs are becoming more frequent, it’s worth an upgrade sooner than later.   

Looking for repairs? We can help! Book Siding Repair by Rümi today.

New siding is one of the best ways to give your home a curb appeal boost. With the right product—whether it's vinyl, steel, fibre cement, composite, or aluminum—you can improve your home’s exterior while increasing its property value.  

We work with all major siding materials, so you can make a choice that’s best for your home and budget. Choose from a complete line of siding options, including:  

  • Premium vinyl siding  
  • Fibre cement siding  
  • Engineered wood siding  
  • Hardboard siding (pressboard)  
  • Insulated siding  
  • Cedar siding  
  • Aluminum siding  
  • Composite siding  
  • Steel siding panels  

There are a few factors to consider when choosing cladding material for your home. Budget is a major factor that will impact which options to explore.   

Another important thing to look at is weather and climate in your area. In Alberta, we can expect ice, wind, heat, hail and lots and lots of snow. Your cladding should account for these conditions, so your home is protected year round, for years to come.   

Our siding and cladding experts will help you decide which materials will work best for your home and layout. As Albertans ourselves, we only offer materials that will work optimally in Alberta.  

Yes! We also install feature walls or sections, like faux stone, cedar, board and batten or shake-style elements to create a unique and polished look.  

No matter what you choose, our expert siding technicians will ensure everything is installed professionally, guaranteeing functionality, durability, and great-looking quality. Enjoy the beautiful exterior of your home for many years to come, as well as all the time and money you’ll save from no longer having to maintain and repair old and inefficient siding.  

If you’re looking to increase the R-value of your exterior walls, consider adding insulation during the siding process. It’s fairly simple to do during the installation project. Better insulation can help retain heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer. Many homeowners add insulation during the siding installation process to help improve energy efficiency.   

The time it takes to install new siding depends on the size of your home and the complexity of the project. In general, you can expect it to take 1–3 weeks to install. We’ll go over the full scope with you before any work begins, including the timeline. 

Vinyl siding installation is popular, and for good reason! It’s an affordable material that is simple to maintain. The installation process is quick and easy compared to some other materials, and repair is just as straightforward. In Alberta, premium vinyl siding is a top choice for home cladding.   

Vinyl siding is prone to cracking and splitting, making it less durable than some other materials. Many homeowners find this trade-off worth it due to the ease of installation, maintenance and repair. It’s difficult to say whether vinyl siding is the best, because it depends on your budget and timeline for installation. Our experts can help you decide what siding material is best for you!  

Warping, cracking, fading, and water damage are common issues you’ll face as a homeowner, regardless of the type of siding you choose. These issues can be prevented with proper installation, maintenance and prompt repairs.