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From drips to rips, we fix it all!

We all know that life can throw some unexpected plumbing curveballs our way. Whether it's a sneaky leak or a stubborn clog, those pesky issues can turn your home into a waterworks show. But fear not! Our superhero plumbers are here to save the day and rescue you from plumbing chaos.  

Armed with wrenches and a sprinkle of magic, we'll bring order back to your pipes faster than you can say "H2O." Whether it’s a small job or an entire renovation, our plumbers offer their expertise and help you make the best plumbing decisions for your home. Request this service today to get your plumbing system back on track.

Sick of repair bills? The Home Systems Protection Plan covers your core home systems from sudden breakdowns — including plumbing!


Plumbing Repairs & Installation

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Plumbing services are available in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, Red Deer and the surrounding areas. Check below to find your city in our service areas, then request this service!

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Bragg Creek
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Fort McMurray
Fort Saskatchewan
Grande Prairie
High River
Red Deer
Rocky Mountain House
Sherwood Park
Spring Bank
Spruce Grove
St. Albert
Stony Plain
Sylvan Lake


Since every project is unique, our pricing is all estimate based. Don’t worry though, you won't receive a surprise bill. We will go over the entire project's costs with you before the work begins.

What to Expect

  • Our techs will arrive equipped with everything needed to complete the most common repairs. That includes parts, equipment and the expert knowledge of a certified plumber.
  • We'll inspect the plumbing and quote the job. Our plumbers will take you through the entire project and what it will look like. There is a call-out fee to assess and quote the work.  
  • Simple repairs can be done that same day. For bigger jobs, like a renovation, we'll help you understand your options and timelines for the project.
  • We'll leave your home in as good (or better) condition than we found it. We never leave a mess!
  • Rümi never considers a job done until you and our plumbers are satisfied. We’ll ensure the project has been completed to the highest standards.

Why Rümi?

At Rümi, we’re basically your home’s personal assistant. We can arrange an installation, fix a problem, and have a specialized professional come look at the thing you’ve been avoiding under your sink. We have all the best vetted pros on speed-dial and freeing you from your to-do list is our #1 goal.      

Our guiding mission is to create homeowner happiness, one smile at a time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move plumbing around myself?

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While it might be tempting to attempt a DIY reno and complete the plumbing yourself it is probably best you leave the plumbing to the professionals. The last thing you need is unwanted leaks, pooling and lack of pressure causing major headaches!

How can I identify common plumbing problems in my home?

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Look out for signs like dripping faucets, slow drains, water stains, unusual odors or inconsistent water pressure. These are the likely culprits, and signs that it's time to book a plumbing repair soon.

Is it possible to fix a leaking faucet on my own?

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Small faucet leaks can sometimes be fixed with a simple replacement washer or cartridge, but larger issues may require professional assistance.

While it's always good to feel empowered to fix things around your home — just remember to call a pro when in doubt.

How often should I have my plumbing system inspected?

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You should have a professional plumber inspect your plumbing system annually to catch any potential issues early on.

Our Ask a Home Inspector service is the ticket to informed homeownership. Get a virtual 15-minute home check-up with a Certified Home Inspector to start planning next moves with your plumbing system.

What should I do if my toilet is constantly running?

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A running toilet can be caused by a faulty flapper valve or fill valve. Replacing these parts can usually resolve the issue.

How can I prevent clogged drains in my home?

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Avoid pouring grease, oil or large food scraps down the drain. Regularly use drain screens and consider periodic drain cleaning.

Clogs happen. Read our blog 9 Ways to Unclog a Drain (Without a Plumber!) to take control of pipe build ups and blockage. Still having trouble? Book Drain Cleaning & Unclogging to have a pro clear the issue.

What are the benefits of installing low-flow fixtures?

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Low-flow fixtures can help conserve water and reduce water bills without compromising performance, making them environmentally friendly choices.

Why is my water pressure low throughout the house?

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Low water pressure can be caused by mineral buildup, pipe leaks or a faulty pressure regulator.  

Strong water pressure makes using your shower, sink and toilet experience more efficient and enjoyable. You don't have to live with low water pressure, call a Rümi pro plumber today!

Is it possible to upgrade my plumbing system for better efficiency?

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Yes, upgrading to modern, energy-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances can significantly improve water usage and save on utility costs.  

Our plumbing team can assess your system. We'll make recommendations on how to make your plumbing more efficient and quote the job.

What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency?

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In case of a plumbing emergency, like a burst pipe or major leak, quickly shut off the main water valve. Contact a professional plumbing company (like Rümi!) for immediate assistance.

Looking for water damage restoration? We offer Water, Fire & Storm Restoration to help get your home back on track.

Does the tech need anything from me?

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Keeping the area clear and free of obstacles can save our team some time. Other than that, the experts should have it covered!

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