Jun 25, 2020

Home Maintenance

Get Homeowner Advice With Ask a Home Inspector

Questions about your home? Ask a certified Home Inspector to take control of your to-do list!

It’s always a good time to ask for a quick and easy expert opinion, especially when it comes to your home. It's no secret that a well-maintained home will run smoothly, save you money on utilities, and prevent costly repairs later. But who should you ask?

Ask an expert who actually wants to be asked

How can you tell who the doctor is at a party? They’re usually the one surrounded by people pointing out their weird pain or crunchy joint. The same goes for computer technicians. Or hairdressers. It’s human nature to try and capitalize on the advice of experts. But that children’s birthday or your cousin’s engagement party isn’t the best time to get advice on your trick knee or whether or not you should cut your own bangs.

And it’s really not the best time to get advice on the maintenance of your home. Seriously, your Uncle Joe is just trying to enjoy his caprese salad.  

What exactly is Rümi's Ask a Home Inspector service?

Just like it sounds, it means you can ask a certified professional home inspector to answer any questions you have about your home. You don’t have to guess what that strange noise coming from the fridge is anymore, and you definitely don’t have to call multiple people into your home or pester your best friend’s cousin twice removed about that rattling coming from the furnace.  

A Rümi home inspector is happy to assess your home via a convenient phone or video call. We’ll offer solid advice, tips to help you out if you want to try a little DIY or suggest a local professional who can tackle your tasks for you.

Our Ask a Home Inspector service is a great option at any time. They're convenient, efficient and, most importantly, you get answers and advice specific to your questions and your home.

Find out what you don't know

Rümi’s certified professional home inspectors are happy to answer all your questions, no matter how basic, to help you take the guess work out of home maintenance.

Not sure how to change a furnace filter? We’ve got you. Freezer no longer making ice? We’ve got you.

Ask our home inspector anything that's on your mind:

  • Is my furnace working properly?
  • Why is the humidity so high in my home?
  • Do I need to replace my windows?
  • Why is my concrete cracked?
  • What can I do to make my house more energy efficient?
  • Should I cut my own bangs? (We already know the answer to that one: No, you shouldn't.)

How does this all work?

You can get the full scoop on Rümi’s Ask a Home Inspector service here. And don’t feel like you need to tidy up on our account. We’re looking for maintenance issues, not dust bunnies!

Book your call to Ask a Home Inspector today.

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