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Your Guide to Window Replacement in Alberta

Save energy, maximize home comfort.

Switching out windows is a big choice for homeowners, especially in Alberta where the weather can be tough. Good windows make your home comfier and energy efficient — not to mention the boost to appearance from the outside! But getting new windows isn't the whole story. What's most important is getting the right type of windows for your home.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of window replacement in Alberta!

Why should homeowners replace old windows?

Improve energy efficiency

One of the main reasons to replace your windows is to improve your home's energy efficiency. Old windows often have poor insulation, letting heat escape in the winter and letting warm air in during the summer. Your heating and cooling systems work harder than they need to. New, energy-efficient windows keep your systems working smarter, not harder!  

Increase home value

New windows can also increase the value of your home. Potential buyers often look for homes with modern, energy-efficient features. Replacing old windows makes your home attractive to buyers — potentially increasing its resale value!

Boost curb appeal

Old, worn-out windows can make your home look dated and unattractive. New windows can give your home a fresh, updated look. It's all about that curb appeal!  

Planning to sell your home soon? It might be just the right time to upgrade.

Understanding Alberta's climate

Alberta experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, from cold winters to warm summers. This means your windows need to be able to handle extreme cold and heat. When choosing new windows, it's important to consider the following factors:


Look for windows with good insulation properties. Double- or triple-pane windows are the way to go. In fact, most homeowners replace their windows specifically to ditch single pane.

Double-pane or triple-pane windows are better for insulation than single-pane windows. Full stop. They help keep the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer, making your home more comfortable year-round.

Low-E coating

Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings are thin layers applied to the glass that help reflect heat. In the winter, Low-E coatings reflect heat back into your home, keeping it warmer. In the summer, they reflect heat away from your home, keeping it cooler. This can help reduce your energy bills and make home more comfortable.

Durable frames

Choose window frames that can withstand Alberta's harsh weather conditions. Vinyl, fibreglass, and aluminum frames are all durable options that can handle extreme temperatures without warping or cracking.

Types of windows

Each type of window comes with its own benefits. Here are some of the most popular options for homeowners in Alberta:

Casement windows

Homeowners looking at a newly installed casement window

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward like a door. They provide great ventilation, which helps keep your home easy breezy during the summer. Casement windows are also easy to clean. They also offer a tight seal when closed, making them super energy efficient.

Double-hung windows

Double hung window

Double-hung windows have two sashes that can move up and down. They are a classic choice and are easy to operate and clean. They also provide good ventilation and can be energy-efficient if they have multiple panes and proper insulation.

Single-hung windows

A man looks out of a single-hung window

Similar to the double-hung window, except only the bottom sash moves. You still get a great seal with this window type, which helps reduce air leakage.

Sliding windows

A sliding window

Sliding windows have one or more sashes that slide to open horizontally. They are easy to use and provide a wide view of the outside. They are also a good option for tight spaces where a window that opens outward might not be practical.

Bay & bow windows

A bay window

Bay and bow windows are large, multi-panel windows that extend outward from the home. With these, you get plenty of natural light. They also give your home a bit more floor space! Putting a small bench or reading nook in the alcove helps maximize the space.  

These beautiful windows add a touch of style to your home as well. There's a reason people love bay windows! However, bay and bow windows may not work for every home's configuration without renovations.  

Picture windows

A picture window looking out to a beautiful sunset on a mountain range

Fixed and non-opening, picture windows offer excellent insulation and airtightness while providing unobstructed views. If you’re thinking about floor-to-ceiling windows to showcase your awesome view, picture windows are the way to go!

Awning windows

An awning window opening outwards

Hinged at the top and open outward, awning windows offer good ventilation and a tight seal tightly closed. Great for preventing drafts and energy efficiency!  

How to choose the right windows for your home

Choosing the right windows for your home can be overwhelming with so many options available.  

Consider your home's style

Choose windows that complement the style of your home. For example, if you have a traditional-style home, double-hung windows might be a good choice. If you have a modern home, casement or sliding windows might be a better fit.

Think about functionality

Consider how you will use your windows. Do you want windows with good ventilation? Do you need windows that are easy to clean? Whatever you need as a homeowner should guide your decision

Set a budget

Window replacement can be expensive, so it's important to set a budget before you start shopping. In Alberta, expect to pay between $400 and $2,100 per window. The cost can go even high for customizations.

It's a worthy long-term expense — but the upfront cost comes with some sticker shock!

Remember that most windows will pay for themselves after about 11 years of ownership. With most coming with a 20+ year warranty, it's a great investment for a long-term homeowner. Considering the boost to home value and curb appeal, it can be just as advantageous for a short-term homeowner, too.

Keep in mind that while energy-efficient windows might cost more upfront, they can save you money on your energy bills starting the day of installation.

Get professional advice

If you're not sure which windows are best for your home, consider consulting with a professional. A pro can help choose appropriate windows for your home. Using a pro window installer also guarantees a smooth installation and warranty for the work.

The installation process

Once you've chosen your new windows, it's time to have them installed.

If you don't have experience replacing windows, we strongly suggest hiring a pro. Windows are a critical part of your home's exterior. Any gaps or cracks can jeopardize the seal. Plus, a pro's work comes with insurance and a warranty, just in case something goes wrong.

Here are the steps involved in the installation process:

Measure your windows

Before you can install your new windows, you need to measure the openings to ensure a proper fit. Get super accurate measurements, or you may end up without a tight seal. Too much space can cancel out the benefits of a new window, so it's best to consult a professional for help.  

Remove old windows

The next step is to remove your old windows. This can be messy. Cover your floors and furniture to protect them from dust and debris.

Install new windows

Once you remove your old windows, you can install your new windows. This involves fitting the new windows into the openings and securing them in place. Properly installing the windows is important to ensure they are energy-efficient and operate smoothly.

Seal & insulate

After installing your new windows, you need to seal and insulate them to prevent drafts. This involves applying caulk around the edges of the windows and adding insulation where needed.

Clean up

The final step is to clean up any debris and remove any protective coverings from your new windows. You can then enjoy your new, energy-efficient windows!

Improving energy efficiency

New windows can significantly enhance your home's energy efficiency! This helps save on your energy bill. It also helps keep your home cozy in the winter and seals in A/C during the summer.

  • Better insulation: Double or triple panes with gas fills provide superior insulation, maintaining warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
  • Reduced air leakage: Tight-fitting designs minimize air leaks, preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping in winter, and vice versa in summer.
  • Low-E coatings: Reflect heat to maintain comfort and reduce heating and cooling needs, leading to energy savings.
  • Proper installation: Ensures windows function effectively without gaps or drafts; professional installation is recommended.

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Seal the deal

Replacing your windows can be a big investment, but it's one that can pay off in the short and long term! New windows can improve your home's energy efficiency, increase its value, and enhance its curb appeal. By choosing the right windows for your home and having them installed properly, you get a better seal on your

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