Mar 1, 2024

Home Maintenance

Creating Happiness, One Home at a Time

It's International Day of Happiness! That means it's time to get a step ahead on your home to-do's — the easy way.

This year, International Day of Happiness is on March 20, and at Rümi, creating happiness is what we're all about. But what does happiness really mean?

It looks different for everyone. But the one thing that's the same is it's "a state of well-being and contentment." That hits home for us!

From the daily grind of maintenance to the lingering fear something might break down, homeownership can take its toll on your peace of mind. That's where Rümi comes in.

We can't control everything that contributes to happiness, but we'll take the worry out of homeownership. Our goal is to ease those lingering stresses so you can focus on what matters — movie marathons, family dinners, and making memories.

A step ahead

We're one step ahead of any homeowner headaches you might face. That's because we understand the most common repairs homeowners face and doing the work to provide the best experts for the jobs.

You deserve that worry-free feeling. We have you covered with our Home Protection Plans. Let's make your home the place that brings you happiness from the moment you walk in the door. Here's how!

1. Proactive home maintenance: A key to home happiness

One of the primary ways Rümi contributes to your homeowner happiness is by helping you proactively maintain your home.

We'll bring you in-the-know-about some of the most common issues homeowners face, including:

  • Plumbing maintenance and drainage issues
  • Appliance maintenance
  • Furnace and A/C tune ups
  • General proactive building maintenance
  • Replacing those broken shingles and gutters

Our team of experts is ready to make sure you avoid these common issues before they become problems. Save yourself the money, energy and sanity, with Rümi!

2. Home protection plan: Your financial safety net

We recognize that not every homeowner is financially prepared for unforeseen emergencies. Life is expensive, you don't need surprise bills to add to it. Enter Rümi Home Protection Plans.

Our Home Protection Plans bring worry-free homeownership to Alberta. When you sign up, you get  peace of mind and comprehensive coverage for your home and appliances. All at affordable monthly rates. Whether you're looking for appliance protection,  home systems protection, or whole home protection — we’ve got a plan for you!

Home protection plans may be new in Canada, but don't worry, it's not some newfangled thing. Homeowners in the United States have been relying on this tried-and-true peace of mind protection for years. Think of it as a safety net for your home and wallet. No matter the unexpected issue, you can handle it without breaking the bank.  

3. Stress-free home maintenance services

Booking home maintenance services doesn't need to be stressful. We’ve taken the homework out of housework by finding the best service providers in Alberta. No more struggling to find reliable contractors or worrying about the quality of service. When it's time to call in a professional, skip the research — we've done the work for you.

With Rümi, you can easily schedule the services you need with a simple call, giving you more time to enjoy what brings you happiness.

Did you know?

  • One-third of homeowners (33%) report difficulty finding a contractor.
  • Half of homeowners (50%) experience problems with hired contractors.
  • The most common concerns include cost overruns and worries about contractor trustworthiness.

No matter the task on your to-do list, Rümi has a service expert who's ready help. From windows & doors to cleaning or appliance tune-ups, and everything in between.

4. Count on Rümi's excellent customer service

We take your to-do list seriously, so you don't have to. Our commitment is to complete the job, and make sure it's is done right. We won't rest until you're truly satisfied with the experience. Like a reliable friend who always shows up when promised, we're here to take the worry off your shoulders and provide the quality service you deserve.  

When you rely on Rümi, homeownership becomes a journey of joy rather than a source of stress. From proactive maintenance to financial protection and stress-free service booking, we're helping homeowners fall in love with their homes again.  

Happy International Day of Happiness!

We’re wishing you a very happy International Day of Happiness. Remember, creating home happiness is not a one-day affair, it’s an ongoing labour of love. But you don’t need to do it alone. Rümi’s ready to create that home happiness feeling for you all year long.

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