Dec 16, 2023

Home Maintenance

Love Your Home Part 2: Protect Your Investment

A home protection plan can help protect your biggest investment — and save you money.

Your home is not just a place to live. It's also one of the biggest investments you'll ever make! In fact, with the average home price in Alberta surpassing $465k, safeguarding this investment becomes crucial for long-term financial security.

That's why Home Protection Plans have become increasingly popular in the United States. They offer homeowners the peace of mind and financial stability needed to handle unexpected breakdowns. They act as your safety net, ensuring that any issues with major home systems or appliances won't leave you shouldering the entire burden of repairs or replacements.

For us Albertans, property values are significant and rising — especially in major centres. An added layer of protection is something to consider.  

Let’s talk about why…

Save money

What if your fridge breaks down two days after you just bought tickets for your dream vacation? Is your budget (or credit card) ready to take a double hit? Replacing appliances and repairing essential home systems can be seriously expensive.

Most household budgets aren't prepared for the financial burden of unexpected furnace, water heater or fridge breakdowns. Home Protection Plans help to make your life easier and your budget happier by covering costs for repairs or replacements. Instead of worrying about a large, unforeseen expense, you have peace of mind knowing your warranty has you covered.

Be prepared

Owning a home can feel like navigating a complex maze of systems and appliances. It's hard to predict when something might go wrong, leaving us scrambling for a solution.

We often realize that we need repairs or replacements once it's too late — like 3 am on a -30 degree morning! Big ticket items like your HVAC system or major kitchen appliance could break at any time, creating major inconveniences (like all the food in your fridge getting warm, yikes!) and unexpected expenses.

Home Protection Plans ensure you're prepared for unforeseen circumstances. You never plan a breakdown, but you can prepare for it. No need to worry about the "what-ifs” because you have a plan ready to handle any surprises.

Peace of mind

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to embrace a Home Protection Plan is improved peace of mind. The worry and stress of a malfunctioning hot water tank or furnace in the dead of winter can be overwhelming. With a Home Protection Plan, there's no need to worry about the "what-ifs" because you have a plan ready to handle any surprises. You don't have to fret about the cost of calling out one of our experienced repair technicians or replacing an entire appliance. Knowing that you can rely on your protection plan to take care of the issues means you have more time to focus on what truly matters in your home — creating happiness.

Easy to use

Unexpected breakdowns can cause undue stress and chaos. With a Rümi Home Protection Plan, making a claim is easy and hassle-free.

Your time is valuable, and your home’s appliances and systems are essential. With Rümi, a service technician will be at your door within 48 hours of your request to get your systems back up and running quickly. Convenience makes it easy for Albertans to access the full benefits of their plan when they need it most.

Instead of scrambling to find a reputable repair service or dealing with the hassle of negotiating costs, rely on Rümi.

The Rümi difference

Rümi offers multiple plans to suit your home's needs, including the Appliance Protection Plan, Home Systems Protection Plan and Whole Home Protection Plan.

Our experts are ready to guide you in selecting the plan and level of care that best suits you and your home. From coverage on core home appliances (including dishwasher, fridge, stove, air conditioning, washer & dryers) to legal assistance, virtual home check-ups, and total comprehensive coverage... Rümi has the complete package to ensure your home is well-maintained and protected.

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