May 16, 2023


Home Cleaning, Take a Deeper Dive

Deep clean tips for tidy, happy homes.

Deep cleaning your home can seem daunting. We’re breaking down home cleaning into manageable and inexpensive tasks, so you don’t lose sleep over dust bunnies.  

Let’s make your kitchen spotless!  

For all your appliances, check the manuals for cleaning specifications. For stainless steel appliances, clean the outside with a soft cloth or sponge. Anything coarse will scratch. Do not use all-purpose cleaning products on stainless steel because they leave a coating behind

Fridge & Freezer  

  • Turn the temperature controls off so you don't waste energy.  
  • Remove food and temporarily store it in a cooler or cold space.
  • Does that bowl of leftovers look suspect? Now is the time to throw out old food.  
  • Bins, drawers, and shelves: remove and wash with hot soapy water.  
  • Wash the inside with a damp cloth and dish soap.  
  • Ice build-up? It might be tempting but don’t pry it away with anything sharp. You can damage the freezer walls. Allow it to melt and then clean.  

Cleaning hack — Stubborn spots not coming off? Scrub with a damp cloth sprinkled with baking soda and then rinse to avoid residue.  


  • Does it have a filter? This traps the food scraps. If your filter is dirty, your dishes are dirty. Soak and scrub it with hot soapy water.
  • Clean out the holes in the spinning arm with a toothpick.  
  • Clean the gasket (the seal that stops water from getting out) with hot soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Your old toothbrush is a great cleaning tool for so many things!  
  • Run an empty load on the hottest setting with a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack. The bowl will overflow, spray vinegar, and clean the inside. You can purchase dishwasher cleaner but vinegar does the trick!
  • If you have a non-stainless steel dishwasher with mildew, disinfect it using bleach. Don’t use bleach on stainless steel, it can damage the finish. Be careful with your skin and clothes using bleach – one drop will ruin your favourite shirt.  


  • Is it self-clean? Remove the racks and follow the manual’s instructions. Once the self-clean cycle is done, wipe the walls and base with a damp cloth. If there's a lot of food debris, you can vacuum it first.  
  • No self-clean? Purchase an oven cleaning product. Don't forget to place newspaper on the surrounding floor to protect it from the spray. Be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions.  
  • Racks: Scrub with a scouring pad, hot soapy water, and de-grease product. Rinse and dry to prevent rusting.  
  • Door: To break down tough splatters, saturate cloths with boiling water and lay them over the opened door. Let soak and add more hot water if needed. Scrub with hot soapy water and white vinegar.

Cleaning hack – Don’t line your oven with foil. It can permanently fuse to the oven.  

Instead, use a baking sheet to catch spills. If something does spill, sprinkle it with the salt right away. Once cooled, it will be easier to remove!

Don’t forget about the back and side of your appliances. Every 3 months, pull out your appliances, clean the area, and check there are no leaks.  

Don’t miss these easily forgotten areas:  


  • 1st question: Is the surface washable? Wallpaper or panelling may require different treatments.  
  • 2nd question: Is it covered in dust? If so, dust before washing using a dry microfibre duster or cloth.  
  • Protect surrounding surfaces with towels or blankets.  
  • Have two buckets: 1 with a cleaning solution and water, the other for rinsing.   
  • Using lint-free cloths, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Frequently rinsing in the water-only bucket and re-soaking in the cleaning agent.   
  • Wrap your cloth around a long-handed broom head. You can also grab your handy step ladder and make your way to the top.  


  • 1st step: Take the screens off. Just don’t forget which screen goes where! Vacuum, wash, rinse and lay out to dry.
  • Have 2 buckets. 1 should have water, soap or a cleaning agent. The other with water and a little bit of white vinegar.
  • Wash using a cloth and the soapy water bucket (get the corners and frame too). Change the water as soon as it looks dirty.
  • Rinse using the water and vinegar bucket and a clean cloth.
  • Use a rubber-bladed squeegee to scrap the water away, wiping the blade frequently. If not available, use a microfiber cloth to dry the glass.  
  • Scrub the tracks using a toothbrush and soapy water.

No matter the room, make it manageable  

  • Break it into bite-size chunks. A different room a different day.  
  • Get help. Assign chores and responsibilities to those who are able to pitch in.  
  • De-clutter as you go. Haven’t used something in a long time? Donate it.  

Continually tidy up and get rid of things you don’t use to make fresh space. It feels good!

Don’t leave it up to chance! Check out this handy House Cleaning Schedule from our friends at the Blue Flame Kitchen!

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