Mar 11, 2022


Going Green

Trying to go green? Book dryer vent or carpeting cleaning with Rümi to get your home cleaned using environmentally friendly natural cleaning products in Alberta.

We're going green for March, and not just to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! This month we're talking all about sustainable and environmentally friendly options you can try at home. The earth will thank you.

From natural cleaning alternatives to electricity-free activities, we're breaking down ‘eco-friendly’ so everyone knows just how easy it can be to add sustainability into your daily routines.

Natural cleaning alternatives

Did you know you might be able to look to your own pantry when the upcoming spring cleaning fever hits? Using natural ingredients you already have at home can be a great money-saving and eco-friendly option, especially if your family is sensitive to harsh chemicals.

In busy household, spills are bound to happen, and stains may be inevitable. But fighting those stains could be as easy as heading to your kitchen sink…

Grab some dish soap and work it directly into oil and grease stains on fabric to lift the stain right out. If that stain still puts up a fight, pop over to the pantry to grab some cornstarch. Try sprinkling a bit onto the stain to soak up the extra oil.

Fun Fact: Corn starch can also be used on your carpets as a great deodorizer.

While you’re in the kitchen, vinegar is a one-and-done solution to keep your space clean and gleaming.

This work horse of natural cleaners can be diluted or used as-is for many different jobs. From cleaning surfaces, removing hard water deposits, shining up mirrors and glass, and even breaking down deodorant stains on your favourite black shirt, vinegar is a great natural cleaning staple.

Despite all the possible cleaning potential vinegar has, it still isn’t quite disinfectant worthy. A bleach solution or store-bought cleaner would be your best bet for getting rid of germs and bacteria.

However, for small jobs like disinfecting your cell phone, rubbing alcohol is a great choice too.

Another great multi-purpose natural cleaner that not only gets the job done but will also leave your home smelling fresh is a lemon. Lemons are great for cleaning, as their naturally occurring acids can help get rid of mineral deposits from the hard water so common in Alberta.

Fresh lemon juice also acts as a deodorizer. When mixed with salt and steam, the paste can make quick work of rust stains on fabric.

Finally, how could we talk about natural cleaners without mentioning grandma’s favourite, baking soda. Baking soda can be used as a mild abrasive for getting protein or grease stains off of hard surfaces like cookware, and a bowlful in your fridge makes a tried-and-true natural deodorizer.

Call in the professionals

We’ve mentioned lots of ways to freshen up your carpets, but how do you get your carpets really clean after Rover tracks mud all over the living room?

Thankfully Rümi offers fast, efficient — and environmentally friendly — carpet cleaning services!

Our techs will steam clean your carpets using one of the only methods actually recommended by carpet manufacturers. The process is inherently non-toxic, and with the option to add on services like Scotchgard protection and sanitizing, your carpets will be ready for the next living room picnic or wrestling match in no time.

By getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly, you’ll also be keeping more bacteria and allergens out of your home. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers rejoice!

Believe it or not, another way to keep your home in tip-top shape, while still promoting sustainability, is by getting your dryer vent professionally vacuumed.

You know that clearing out your lint trap keeps your dryer running like a dream, but that fuzzy material can also make its way up into the ducts. This not only creates a potential fire hazard, but it also means that your dryer is working harder than it needs to.

By requesting a dryer vent cleaning, you’re ensuring continued safety in your home and keeping your dryer is running energy efficiently.

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