Jan 11, 2021


Spring Reboot in Winter

Revitalize your home during the winter months to make your space feel fresh and new. These tips will help!

Now that we’re into the throes of winter, is your house feeling a little, well, less than fresh? Slushy clunky boots, muddy puppy paws, and wet mittens drying on the heating vents are not-so-subtle reminders that winter takes a toll on our bodies and on our homes.

Don’t wait for spring to refresh your space. You can do it now and breathe a bit of life into those wintertime blues.

Feng-shui at the front door

Revitalize a tired home with some basic principles borrowed from the traditional practice of feng-shui. Feng-shui is the art of channeling natural energy, called “Qi”, to benefit our health, energy, and wealth. According to experts, correctly arranging objects in our living spaces affects this Qi.  

Simple actions like closing bathroom doors, cleaning the windows, and placing plants above kitchen cabinets all help channel good vibes throughout your home.  

The front door and entranceway are two of the most important areas to consider when creating a space with favourable feng shui. Qi is said to gather in the entranceway, so keep yours clean, organized and clutter-free. Placing a screen room divider or using a different set of tile colours can help better define the area if need-be.  

As well, experts advise that an inward-swinging front door is important for creating an inviting home. Outward-swinging doors give the impression that you are pushing guests, and potentially good energy, away from you.

Finally, consider hanging a horseshoe above the front door to attract good luck. Even if you’re skeptical about the powers of Qi, why take a chance on being wrong?

Deep clean

Getting the grit out of your house feels cathartic in any season. Rümi’s upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning services are all you need to get that fresh feeling back, even if the calendar says spring is still months away.

Sometimes a breath of fresh air literally means you need to breathe in fresher air. Rümi installs whole-household air quality systems to keep indoor air clean, comfortable, and allergen-free.  

Marie-Kondo your life

Celebrity home organizer, Marie Kondo, encourages people to only keep objects that spark joy. Everything else has no place in a neat and tidy home. What to do with all that unwanted stuff? Of course, donate or sell what you can. And the rest? That’s where Rümi’s junk removal service comes in. We discard all of your unwanted, non-hazardous materials. COVID-19 has changed some of our protocols, so be sure to speak directly with one of our customer care agents for the latest updates on how Rümi is taking every precaution to keep you safe while still helping you become clutter-free.

Cheap & cheerful

We’ve all been in our houses way too much this past year. If you can’t stand to look at your décor a moment longer (we totally get it), then consider a few of these super easy home tune-up ideas that work within any budget.

Trade out throw pillows: Throw pillows are basically makeup for your living room—you can easily swap them up according to your mood and the season—it’s a small change that creates big results. How about adding some vibrant shades to brighten up a long and dark winter? Or, if natural is more your thing, experiment with natural hues and materials to channel a very boho vibe. The options are endless, and the results are priceless.

Bring in a new area rug: Much like throw pillows, a new rug can change the mood of your space. Rugs add warmth, define separate areas in a smaller area, and add visual interest to tired rooms and furniture.

Add a statement wall: Make a killer change without breaking the bank. Removable “peel and stick” wallpaper panels are on-trend these days, and the colour and pattern options are endless. Or forget the wallpaper and opt for a decked-out wall of framed photos. Choose coordinated frames that speak to you, and fill them with images that make you happy.

Everything can feel new again, even in winter

The options are endless when it comes to injecting a little bit of life into a winter-worn home, and the tips provided in this blog are good jumping off point. Remember, you don’t have to wait until warmer weather to feel good. Love your home any time of year. Spring doesn’t have to have all the fun.

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