Apr 7, 2021


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is your chance to get a head start on the warmer months with a fresh, new outlook.

Here comes the sun

The arrival of spring… can you smell it? Smells like new beginnings! You can almost hear the flowers pushing through the ground! You know what that means? It’s spring cleaning season. Not to worry, spring cleaning doesn’t need to feel like a chore. Open the windows, let the breeze in, tackle the turn-over inside your home with this guide:

Make a list, and then make mini-lists

Studies show that cluttered home spaces have huge impacts on our mental health—add on the stress of a massive to-do list and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, make a list of jobs room by room, and bundle them into like tasks (tasks that will require the same tools). For example: dusting rarely reached areas like baseboards and ceiling fans.  

Set aside a day or two for a committed clean, turn on the tunes, and schedule a reward for yourself at the end to make it all worthwhile. You’ll have earned the treat!

Let the sun shine in

To bring in all that extra light, clean windows and window screens, both inside and out. According to this guide, you’ll want to grab a vacuum and small brush (like a toothbrush) for this. For even more light, clean all your window treatments and ceiling light fixtures as well. The brighter, the better!

While you’re cleaning your windows, check to see if they’re in good shape. If not, Rümi can help replace windows and exterior doors.  

Think head to toe

Consider each space from top to bottom to make sure you’re not forgetting something.  

Top – everything the eye can’t see. Clean above cabinets, door jams, and ceiling fans with a damp cloth. Pro tip: start here, since it would be a shame to brush that dust onto freshly cleaned floors.

Bottom – hidden spaces like those under cabinets, fridges, beds…we never really get to those. Pay special attention to the floors of your entry closets. They’ve likely taken a beating from winter boots. It’s also a great time to clean the carpets. Especially if you’re getting ready to shed the socks and go barefoot for the summer.

Flip the fridge

Empty the fridge, freezer and pantry to consolidate and discard outdated items. For a general guideline on how long you should be storing items, our Blue Flame Kitchen has the scoop on How to Store Food Safely.

Swap bedding for a better sleep

Out with the cold—it’s time to swap out heavy-weight bedding and store extra blankets. While you’re at it, pay attention to your sleep situation. Experts recommend rotating/flipping your mattress a few times a year along with a mattress deep clean.  It will also give you a chance to clean under the bed and vacuum your mattress. Good idea to give your bed pillows and comforters and good wash as well.  

Consider your closets

If you have space to store away the items you only wear in the winter, pull them, clean/mend them, and pack them away. For items you know you haven’t worn in a few seasons, now is a great time to label them for donation at the start of winter next year when they will be much needed.

Bring down warm weather wear and take time to iron out the kinks and re-organize with new sections or bins. It will make your morning routine that much easier, and it’s definitely one of the more satisfying spring cleaning benefits.

Divide & conquer

Bundle together all the unpleasant tasks you only do a few times a year for a reason, and tackle them all at once. Mix up a batch of Mojito Iced Tea before you start and let it chill while you work. When you’re done, a zesty reward awaits. Power through the day with this great seasonal cleaning checklist – here are few of the less glamorous ones (we recommend saving your best playlist for this part):

Garbage: Wash your garbage, recycling, and compost bins with hot soapy water and disinfect them using safe proportions.  

Vents: First, vacuum cold air returns and furnace vents. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe them clean. You’ll also want to take apart and clean bathroom fans and grills.

Filters: Check filters and (if needed) replace them according to manufacturer’s directions. If you are replacing, write on the new filters the date they were replaced to make it easier to remember when you’ll need a swap.  

Humidifiers: Clean and demineralize your humidifier filter using vinegar to prepare it for when the air gets drier next fall.  

Cabinets, Doors, and Walls: This is the final full monty! First, spot check any scuffs. Then, start at the top and work your way down using a two-bucket method – one with clean water for rinsing and one with a mild detergent. Most surfaces can be tackled with a little bit of all-purpose cleaner, but check ATCO Blue Flame’s guide for instructions.  

Set yourself up for success

The best defence is a good offence, and it starts with organization.

If this all sounds like just too much, and you’d rather have someone else do it for you, it’s easy to book professional services in Calgary, Edmonton, and the surrounding areas right in the app.  

Many of Rümi’s services can be bundled together in one visit. Get in touch with us to make your seasonal cleaning painless.  

Treat time! Go ahead, you earned it. And your home will thank you in the sunny days to come.

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