Jan 25, 2024

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Your Path to Solar Power: What to Expect

Solar pays off in the long run. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you go solar at home.

Thinking about going solar? If you’re set on solar panel installation, choose our reliable Rümi services backed by ATCO to make your green investment happen. We'll make the whole process super smooth for you.  

Lets break down the steps and timelines that you can expect. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident when working with our solar service experts. No surprises here!

What to expect for your solar panel installation project

Step 1: Understand your timeline  

First things first! It’s important to know that this isn’t a quick process, no matter which company you work with. Solar is a big project, with big payoffs, but it takes effort and time to make sure it’s done correctly.

Here’s what can impact your timeline:  

  • Weather: Solar can be installed year-round if the roof is dry. Unless, of course, we're in the middle of one of Alberta's infamous cold snaps.  
  • Permits, approvals & reports: Before you begin, you’ll need a municipal city permit and micro-generation approval. Don’t worry, your solar expert will do all the permitting and applications for you.
    Depending on the structure and age of your home, your solar pro may suggest an engineering report. This includes inspecting the structure of your roof to confirm solar panels will work with your home.
  • Availability: Solar panel installation is a large job. Your chosen installer will schedule your solar upgrade for a time that works, which isn't always as immediate as next week. Plus, solar materials may need to be sourced from afar, adding delivery time to your job.  

Considering all these moving parts, we suggest expecting about 5-6 months for the entire solar installation process.  

Step 2: Survey scheduled  

So, you reached out to us, we sent you our customer survey to collect all the info we need, you’ve completed it and hit that submit button.  

Awesome! Our solar experts are working hard to create a proposal for you using your property information and electricity usage.  

We'll keep you updated on our progress or reach out with any questions. We’ll even share some cool solar facts along the way. Here's one for you: Did you know panels have a life expectancy of 25–30 years and require little-to-no maintenance?.  

They’ll also throw in some info about government grants for solar panels and solar loans. This can help you get money back and fund your green energy investment. Have you considered those yet?  

Step 3: View solar vendor proposals

Now that we understand your home’s needs, we'll provide a detailed solar project proposal for you. It'll break down the specifics of your solar installation.  

You're probably wondering how to choose a solar installer who's worth their salt. Well, one of the perks of choosing Rümi is getting more (and better) choices! Depending on your location, you could get two solar installation proposals, so you can compare local service providers. We’ve vetted and sourced the best solar experts, and we’ll help you understand what each company offers.  

Choosing the right solar installer doesn't have to be complicated. With Rümi vetted solar contractors, you're safe no matter which way you go.  

Step 4: Accept & book!  

Oh sweet sunshine, things are moving! You've reviewed the proposals and chosen your solar expert. Hooray!  

We'll send out the official agreement and your first invoice. This first deposit kick-starts your solar panel permits process — and acquiring the materials. You can expect your second invoice about a month before the installation begins, this is a sign you’re getting close! At this time, you’ll also get the low-down on everything to expect during the installation process (no surprises here!).  

Step 5: You’ve gone solar!  

Congrats, my friend! Your solar panels are up and running.  

Once your panels are officially running and saving you energy, you'll receive the final invoice. Not to mention all sorts of follow-up support from your neighbours here at Rümi! We aim to make your switch to solar power as pleasant as chilling on a sunny beach!  

If you have questions or need any guidance, Rümi’s got your back every step of the way. So, connect with us and get started on your energy-saving solar journey!