Oct 29, 2020

Smart Home

Smart Home Technology

Connected home technology makes life convenient and seamless. Get your home working smarter, not harder!

Does it ever blow your mind that items like corded phones and slow, dial up Internet were part of everyday life only two decades ago? Now, with a single smartphone, we can take care of dozens of daily tasks using only an app and a fingertip. And if smartphones were the tech innovation of the 2000’s, we’re betting that the tech trend of the next decade is definitely going to be the evolution smart home technology.  

What do we mean by "smart home"?

When we talk about smart home tech, we are talking about any devices, appliances or systems the everyday homeowner can use to create an ecosystem that can be controlled independently. Modern home improvements like outdoor and indoor cameras, wireless thermostats and video-capable doorbells can all be set up to work together as one system — this creates what we call a “connected home” that can be controlled using a smartphone or another touch screen device. 

Smart home tech is expanding and evolving quickly, and the experts at Rümi are always looking for new and innovative products to help you use home automation to make your days (and nights) easy, enjoyable, safe and super convenient.  

1. Convenience is key

Convenience is probably the most valuable asset of any smart home package. It’s pretty wonderful to be able to use one interface to keep every piece of your integrated tech connected.  

Full integration usually looks like a single app that you access through your smartphone or tablet. These applications are easy to learn, with an intuitive interface for new (and old) technology users to take control of their homes' 21st century functionality. 

2. Flexibility for the future

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to smart home systems. New and improved devices are coming out every week, and smart home systems are known for their ability to be agile and accommodating when it comes to integrating new devices into their little family unit.  

Seamlessly adding new features to your smart home as tech evolves is an important part of the new (smart) homeowner game. 

3. Safety comes first

Creating a connected home is the most efficient way to respond to unexpected emergencies and theft. Additions like Wi-Fi-ready smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Google-enabled door locks, or smart mailboxes allow homeowners to respond quickly to some pretty stressful situations.  

Even water leak and moisture monitoring devices are available for the smart home of today. These amazing devices will ping your phone when there is a change in the moisture levels of your home, which we know could be the first sign of an unexpected plumbing problem, mold issues or other costly damage. 

4. Security at every door

Outfitting your front entrance with a smart doorbell and lock allows your smartphone to become a one-stop security hub. Without having to get off the couch (although you probably should), you can address visitors via the app - this means that you can be virtually present every time the doorbell rings even if you’re at work, or in the grocery store. A smart mailbox can also keep your deliveries safe and secure while you’re away.

5. Monitoring your loved ones

Some smart home tools can also be great for giving both parents of young children and adults with older or sick loved ones peace-of-mind via video monitoring, smart locks and motion sensors. With the right system in place, you can check on an infirmed relative, tell your pup to get off the couch and communicate with your tweens through a smart home speaker or video display.  

Rümi also recently launched the unique HomeEXCEPT smart technology package, which provides easy, elegant options for preventative (and non-intrusive) monitoring of seniors who could use an extra set of eyes and ears around the home.  Learn more about its many benefits here to help reduce the risk for your loved ones.  

6. Go green & save green

Using a smart thermostat and smart lighting has proven to be the more energy efficient option for the modern tech-savvy home. These tools adjust themselves automatically and can even turn themselves off if they sense a lack of activity in certain areas of the house.  

No more worrying about leaving the garage light on or paying to run the air conditioner in an empty house. Less energy wasted is better for the planet and better for your bank account. 

Smart tech for the smart consumer

People are so interested in outfitting their homes with smart home tech that the biggest companies in the world are now in constant competition to innovate and continue trying to outdo each other. For you, that translates to smarter, faster, better smart home tech that is tailored to meet your needs.  

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