Oct 30, 2023

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Harnessing Solar Power: A Sustainable Solution for Your Home

Ready to go green? Debunk solar myths to find out if installing solar panels is right for you.

Thinking about going green with your energy? Then you're in the right place because we're exploring solar power. It's more than just a trend.  

Generating your own solar energy can be a fantastic investment for your home sweet home. Let's dive into the sunny world of solar power!  

The sunny side of savings

Let's start with the cold, hard cash, because who doesn't love to save a few dollars? When you invest in solar panels, you're essentially investing in lower energy bills for years to come. You can't argue with the numbers, and the savings are substantial over time.  

By turning sunshine into power and using less electricity from the grid, you can save money and avoid any surprises from changes in the energy market.  

Boosting your property value  

Solar panels can significantly boost your property's value. Not only do solar panels provide a range of environmental and cost-saving benefits for your home, but they can also make it a more attractive option for potential buyers in the future.  

If you're thinking of selling in the future, your solar project is easy to justify. Just imagine, as you prepare to sell your home, your solar panels are the strong selling point that makes your property stand out from the rest. Having an energy-efficient, cost-saving, and eco-friendly home can make all the difference in the minds of potential buyers and can justify higher asking prices as well.  

Debunking solar myths

As a relatively new energy option for homeowners, solar power has been through the rumour mill. Don't worry, we're going to set the record straight.  

Let's tackle some of those pesky solar energy myths that might be holding you back from investing in green energy for your home:  

Solar installation process

Myth 1: Installing solar panels is too complicated for my home.  

Truth: It's easier than you think.

Some folks think installing solar panels is as complicated as rocket science. Not true! We've got a handy FAQ section about solar panel installation that breaks down what to expect. It's more like assembling a puzzle than building a rocket.  

Plus, when you book with Rümi's solar experts, you know you're in good hands. They handle everything from permitting to selecting the right panels for your home to installation. No matter the solar system, no matter the type of home, they'll get the job done and do it right so you can trust that you've made the best green investment for your home.  

Maintenance & durability  

Myth 2: Solar panels can't handle Alberta weather.  

Truth: Solar panels are built for all weather.

Worried about your panels during those cold Alberta winters? Don't be. Solar panels can withstand all kinds of conditions. In fact, they're built too!  As for maintenance, it's minimal. Give your panels a good cleaning once in a while and they're good to go. No heavy lifting here!  

Aesthetics & design

Myth 3: Solar panels make my house look ugly!

Truth: Modern panels are sleek and seamless.

Remember those clunky solar panels from the '80s? Well, they've had a major glow-up. Modern designs are sleek and stylish. They can even blend in with your roof, so they won't cramp your home's style.


Myth 4: Solar can't generate power in the winter months.  

Truth: The sun shines in Alberta!

Think Alberta's winters are too cold and gloomy for solar panels? Think again! Alberta is one of the sunniest places in Canada, even during those chilly months. It's the perfect province for solar energy to thrive. Check out this handy blog about green energy in Alberta during winters to learn more.

Cost concerns

Myth 5: Solar panels aren't worth the cost of installation.

Truth: They're a smart long-term investment.

Are solar panels worth the investment? It's true, it's a large upfront investment to install new solar panels. Although the cost might raise an eyebrow or two, let's look at the bigger picture.  

Solar panels reduce or sometimes even eliminate your monthly energy use from the grid. While you'll still have some fees to stay connected and supplement what you produce, your monthly energy bill will be dramatically lower. Solar panel micro-generation can significantly reduce your energy bills, increase your property's value, and even earn you some government incentives.  

Government Incentives: The Greener Homes Grant  

If you’re struggling with the upfront cost, a green energy grant or interest-free loan can help you get started. Grant programs want to see more homes powered by the sun, giving homeowners like you a reason to switch.

Programs like the Greener Homes Grant can help you go solar — without breaking the bank. You may qualify for an interest-free loan or even a grant for the partial value of your installation. Take a peek at the Canada Greener Homes Grant for more details.  

Need help navigating permits, grants and loans? Rümi’s solar experts know the ins and outs of the full solar installation process. Let them take the paperwork (and work work) off your plate.

Switch to clean, renewable energy

The bottom line? Clean energy is good for the earth, saves you money on energy, and adds more money to your pocket when it's time to sell your home.  So, if you’re considering making the solar switch, now is your time! Don't let solar myths hold you back from making a smart choice for your home and your wallet. Solar panels are easy to install, low-maintenance and durable. What’s not to love?  

Shine bright

Ready to harness the power of the sun for your home? Let Rümi's solar pros help you reach your solar goals. Request Solar Panels today to kick off your own residential micro-generation project.