Feb 25, 2022

Smart Home

Smart Homes for Smart Families

Get connected with smart home products from Rümi! These smart products can offer you and your family an elevated home experience, and additional peace of mind.

February is the best month for celebrating the people we love. From Valentine’s Day to Family Day, there’s no better time to show appreciation for your partner, kids, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents or whoever makes a difference in your life! When it comes to our loved ones, knowing they’re safe, comfortable and happy warms our hearts all year long. Today’s smart products can offer you and your family an elevated home experience, and additional peace of mind — and at Rümi, we think there’s no better gift!

Here’s a gift guide for everyone on your lovely list:

Non-intrusive monitoring

Want to make aging at home easier and safer for loved ones, but anxious about stepping on toes or taking away freedom? There’s tech for that! HomeEXCEPT's non-intrusive monitoring solutions don't rely on cameras or microphones.

Wireless sensors monitor everyday objects to learn daily living patterns — meaning they’ll hardly notice anything different in their home. Software analyzes activity in real time to identify changes in behaviour and send alerts to authorized caregivers if necessary. Alerts can be managed to help provide an extra sense of security, keeping privacy first with a 100% anonymous solution. These tools help families maintain the privacy and safety of the people they care about, all while offering their loved ones extra peace of mind.

Recommended for: Seniors and caregivers

Handyman home services

Do you have grown kids moving into their first home? Aging parents or grandparents needing help with property maintenance? Maybe you know new parents who aren’t anticipating free time any time soon. Get them set up with a trusted Rümi Handyman to help with redecorating plans, unexpected repairs or even just hanging a few cherished art pieces.  

Our experts are ready for any task your home needs completing, big or small. We have a team of professionals ready to take care of any home project you can come up with. From general carpentry and home repairs to art hanging and mounting service, our team can help you with just about everything, like furniture assembly and even drywall repair. The gift of an empty to-do list? Priceless.

Recommended for: New home owners, seniors, new parents

Keyless living

Never be locked out again! Come on, we know you’ve had at least one moment in your life where you’ve misplaced your keys (Did you check inside the fridge?). It can turn into a panicky situation, especially if you’re going to be late, you left the water running, or have pets or small children inside your home (think Ross and Rachel getting locked out of their apartment in season 9 of Friends).  

Luckily, you can avoid all this drama and still have maximum security to your home with the installation of a smart deadbolt. With several models to choose from, Rümi has something to meet your style and safety needs, which will save you from the risk of ever being locked out again.

Recommended for: Anyone who forgets their keys on the regular

Home security

Looking for a smart home setup but not sure where to start? Check out the Okos Security Bundle. You can keep your home secure with this simple turn-key smart home bundle! Best of all? It comes with a professional in-house installation, 3-year extended warranty and premium 1-on-1 support for 3 years.

This system lets you protect your family and secure your home remotely with voice commands or your smartphone. Enjoy all the latest technologies with peace of mind, from near or far. This bundle conveniently includes: 1 Wyze Smart Indoor Camera, 1 Google Nest Hub Smart Display, 1 Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker, 4 Sengled White Smart Light Bulbs, and 2 TP-Link Smart Plugs. These tools allow you to keep your home safe from anywhere.  

Recommended for: All ages, people who travel

24/7 tech support

Smart technology is great, but sometimes it can feel like your home devices are outsmarting you! Don’t fear. Our Rümi smart home support can help you set up your devices and integrate them to work together, whether you got them from us or not. Plus, there are pros are on-call 24/7 to help troubleshoot anytime. Become a member today, with no contract and no obligations. Your devices can and should work together to supply the most comfortable and convenient home experience possible!

Recommended for: Everyone except that genius kid down the street who built his own satellite for the science fair.

So, if you’re in the market for a Valentine’s Day gift, or you just want to remind a family member that they are loved, check out Rümi’s Smart Home inventory — you’ll be sure to find popular tech for the people you care about most.