Hi there, we’re Rümi™.

We help make home the stress-free sanctuary it's meant to be.

Caring for a home is an ongoing labour of love. Check the furnace. Clean the gutters. Throw out the toaster that chars your bread.

Something always needs to be fixed, checked, replaced or upgraded. What’s more, it’s tough to find trusted partners to help maintain the space that matters to you most. Now, there’s finally a team you can count on to help you regain confidence within your home. We are that team.

Rümi is the newest member of the ATCO family. Our guiding mission is to create homeowner happiness, one smile at a time. Right now, you'll only find us in Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding areas, but you'll be able to find us in other Alberta cities soon. By offering a range of home solutions, we express our true purpose—to provide the best, most complete, homeowner experience to all.

Get to know us. You’ll be happy you did.


*Rümi and ATCO are trademarks of ATCO Ltd. used under license. 

Home Services

Finding good help can be hard. Rümi’s trusted services lighten the load.

Housewares & Smart Tech

High tech solutions, home essentials and kitchen classics.


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