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Duct and Furnace Cleaning


Let’s Clear the Air

Winter is no joke in Canada. A broken furnace is an annoyance at best and a cause for moving out temporarily at worst. If you enjoy a heated, comfortable home like the rest of us, get your furnace and ducts cleaned annually. Wearing a parka in your living room is so last century. You’re better than that!


How it works

Furnace and duct cleaning includes:

  • Multi-point inspection
  • Standard fiberglass filter change*
  • Blower cleaning
  • Opening of sealed access panels to improve cleaning
  • Use of truck-mounted, high-power vacuum
  • Use of corner guards drop sheets and register covers as necessary
  • Cleaning in “zones” using our System Safe cleaning method (duct cleaning)
  • Testing for ignition and fan operation
  • External furnace clean
  • Customized approach to every home’s unique ductwork system. Our professionals will also suggest any changes that can be made to improve heating/cooling capabilities

*We carry two standard filter sizes: 16"x25"x1" and 20"x25"x1". You can also upgrade to a higher quality pleated filter for a small additional cost.

Not Convinced?

If a broken furnace and frostbite feel a bit overdramatic, then consider a furnace and duct cleaning for the fact that clean vents ensure your house runs more efficiently, and that you save on energy bills, especially during the winter months. 


Pricing (Estimated Rates)

Furnace and Duct Cleaning  (min $139.00)


10 vents, visual inspection of 1 furnace         
Additional vent
$  10.00 
Second Duct System Hook Up Fee $ 59.00
Furnace Blower Cleaning per Furnace $ 59.00 



Your furnace chimney might also need a good scrub. We can do that! 

Chimney cleaning
Sanitize duct system             $79.00


  • Why do ducts need to be cleaned?

    Besides built-up dust and dirt, there are several other factors that contribute to the need for regular air duct cleaning:

    • Small children in the home are more sensitive to air quality
    • Occupants or guests with allergies or asthma
    • Cigarette smoke that gets trapped in ducts
    • Water contamination or damage to the HVAC system
    • Dust created by renovation projects 


  • How often is duct cleaning necessary?
    • Air duct cleaning is recommended every two-to-three years.
    • If an excessive amount of dust is visible, or if you’ve had recent renovations, schedule a duct cleaning as soon as possible.
  • Will having my air ducts cleaned reduce my energy bills?
    • Most likely, yes. Dirt and debris can restrict airflow, causing your system to work harder and longer, requiring more energy.
    • By cleaning the HVAC system, you may not only see an increase in system efficiency (and enjoy lower energy bills), but you can also extend the life of your furnace or air conditioning system by reducing wear and tear.
  • How long will the duct cleaning take?

    A thorough duct cleaning generally takes between 90 minutes and up to three hours.

  • What should I do before my appointment?
    • Move furniture away from vents.
    • Make sure the path to supply and return vent is cleared for installers to be reached.
    • Avoid parking in your driveway/in front of your house so we can park our van as close to the door as possible.
  • How do I determine how many air vents I have?
    • Every home has two types of vents. Supply vents are smaller and are usually found on the floor or the ceiling. Return vents are larger and are typically placed on either the floor or bottom portion of the wall.
    • We service both types of vents.
  • How can I tell if my cleaners did a thorough job?

    All parts of your system should look visibly clean. Our technicians also use remote photography to document before and after conditions inside the main ducts and will show you the parts of your ductwork and HVAC system that were treated. Who doesn’t love impressive before and after photos?

  • Can I do duct cleaning myself?

    No. Duct cleaning requires powerful suction vacuums and really should be left to the professionals.