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Deep sleep starts with a deep clean

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, but you’re not the only one who likes to cozy up under your blankets. The uncomfortable truth is that dust mites love your bed almost as much as you do. These microscopic little critters don’t bite, but they are a big source of allergens.

The best way to give your dust mites a wakeup call (and an eviction notice) is by cleaning with high temperatures over 55ºC. You can toss your pillows and pillowcases in the dryer on a high-heat setting for 20 minutes, but what about your mattress?

Book a mattress cleaning with us every 12-24 months! It’s that easy. Our mattress cleaning system gets up to 110ºC to reduce those pesky mites, eliminate odours, and let you slumber in peace.

PRICING – Add a mattress cleaning to a carpet or upholstery cleaning service for the add-on prices below:

Single Mattress

$49, 1 side

$69 both sides

$29/box spring

Double Mattress

$59, 1 side

$79 both sides

$39/box spring

Queen Mattress

$79, 1 side

$99 both sides

$49/box spring

King Mattress

$89, 1 side

$109 both sides

$59/box spring

If you’d like a mattress cleaning as a single service, not as an add-on, there is a minimum charge of $89. 

Mattress cleaning deep cleans 2-4 cm into the mattress where most dander, sweat and dust collects. It doesn’t clean all the way through from top to bottom, since mattresses are often 40-50 cm deep.

We don’t recommend steam cleaning 100% latex foam or feather mattresses/toppers.