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Heating and Cooling


Whether it’s January or July, Rümi’s heating and cooling pros keep you comfortable.  

Our technicians can install, repair, or replace all major furnace and air conditioner brands to keep you warm, or cool, year-round. 

  • Air Conditioning Installation

    Air Conditioning Installation 

    Air conditioning is more than a luxury. It’s an essential home system in our modern world! Leave the business of AC installation to Rümi’s experts and you’ll be cool in no time. 

  • Air Conditioning Repair

    Air Conditioning Repair

    We know how important a cool bedroom is for sleeping on those summer nights. Rümi is here to fix any AC situation, including those code red emergencies!

  • Air Conditioning Tune Up

    Air Conditioning Tune Up

    Increase the lifespan of your AC unit and reduce your energy bills all at once with Rümi's 25-point tune-up service. Keep things cool all summer long.

  • Furnace Installation

    Furnace Installation 

    Installing a new furnace not only keeps you warm and cozy, but installing the right-sized furnace for your home can reduce your energy bills! Our experts can help you pick the perfect unit.

  • Furnace Repair

    Furnace Repair 

    Furnace acting up and in need of repair? Is it a -20 code red emergency? Help is on the way! Rümi's 24/7 service will fix all brands and models to ensure we’re always here when you need.


  • Furnace Tune Up

    Furnace Tune-Up 

    A well-maintained furnace can keep your furnace healthy and reliable. Rümi's vans are equipped for any brand or model. A maintained furnace can also reduce your energy usage!

  • Garage Heater Installation

    Garage Heater Installation 

    Make morning your favourite part of the day, even in the winter! What's better than getting into a warm car before your commute? Our experts can help you choose the perfect and safe unit for your garage.

  • Thermostat Installation

    Thermostat Installation 

    Installing an advanced thermostat can help you achieve that perfect temperature at all times. Our expert team can help ensure the correct wiring and connectivity is in place so that your home is always set to the right temperature.  


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