Aug 3, 2021


Here Comes the Sun

Beat the heat with these summertime tricks and tips from Rümi!

Whether hot sunny days have you soaking up the rays or pining for a blizzard, sunny summer days call for careful planning. Here are some tips and tricks to both embrace—and escape—the heat.

Throw shade

One of the best ways to beat the heat is by retreating to the shade — whether under a tree, an umbrella or an awning – whatever you can find to get a much-needed break from the sun.  

If you want to create an oasis on your deck, motorized screens keep pests out and allow for fresh breezes, and provide protection against sun burns, parched plants and faded patio furniture.  

Planting trees on your property can help conserve energy since they keep your home shaded and cool in the summer and protected from the elements in the winter.

If you have an outdoor space that gets just a little too much sunshine, a retractable awning or screen could make a world of difference. With several colours and customization options to choose from, awnings and screens offer an excellent combination of functionality and design year-round. With just the click of a button, you can extend your shady living space comfortably.  

Soak it up

If you’re a sun-worshipper and those eight months of Alberta winters aren't exactly your thing, take this opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures. There is no better time to pack a cooler with some homemade snacks and hit the mountains for a picnic, camping trip or a great hike. With so many outdoor activities available in our very own back yard, it can be hard to choose. Just be sure to do your research and plan ahead – whether it’s booking your campsite, picking up supplies or mapping out your route, you won't regret being prepared.  

If you’re planning on a longer outdoor adventure, such as an overnight hike or camping, you might want to pick up a solar powerbank. These can keep your devices charged and help keep you safe in off-the-grid areas. Depending on the strength, some solar power banks can charge three or more devices at once! This means you can keep that cell phone and laptop charged if you maybe aren’t supposed to be “out of office”, or put on a spooky movie in the tent one night – why not?

Stay safe

While the warm temperatures are great, it’s important to remember sun safety – especially during a heat wave or extreme temperatures. On average, Alberta summer temperatures fall between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, but occasionally we hit that 30 plus range, and things can get dicey.  

While summer temperatures can be unpredictable, they are manageable with the right tools and resources. If you plan on being outside, stock up on sunscreen, UV protectant clothing, water, snacks and find shade.  

If you're trying to cool off inside, consider purchasing a fan, personal A/C unit or have a full household A/C installation completed by one of our Rümi professionals. If you already have A/C, make sure it’s tuned up and in good repair. Your energy bill will thank you.  

Our experts recommend keeping your indoor living space cool by opening windows at night, allowing cooler air in, and closing them during the day, allowing for as little heat and light as possible to enter your home.

Cool cats (and dogs)

Staying cool is even harder for our furry friends. When thinking about sun safety, don’t forget about your pets, especially dogs. Make sure that your animals always have an abundant supply of food and water when the temperatures rise.  

If you're taking them on any sort of outdoor adventure, never leave them in a car or hot area unattended, as signs of heatstroke can arise quickly. Also be conscious of the ground temperature when taking your pups for a walk as severe burns can occur from hot cement and asphalt.  

With a little planning for safety, the sunshine has major potential for fun. Now that we’ve got the basics down, we’ll leave you with this list of summer-time cocktail recipes, and wish you a hot and happy summer!