Apr 4, 2023

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Refrigerator Refresh: When to Repair or Replace?

Is it time to repair, replace or chase your refrigerator? We'll help you decide.

Although you might not think about it often, your fridge gets a lot of use. In fact, it might even be the hardest working appliance in your home — especially if teenage appetites frequent your kitchen, or you’re a late-night snacker.

However, like any other appliance, fridges don't last forever and will eventually need to be repaired and replaced. This is where we come in!  

If your fridge held snacks during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, it’s likely time to start looking into repairs or a replacement before it conks out while you’re on holiday and leaves your home in a hot mess.

When's the right time to say goodbye? If you're looking for signs your fridge is about to die, our experts can help! Here are the 7 signs it might be time to call in a professional or replace your fridge:  

1. It’s old

The average lifespan of a fridge is 10 to 15 years. And anything really old isn’t going to be energy efficient — every year your fridge ages, the efficiency decreases, which can lead to higher energy bills. If your fridge is more than 10 years old, it's time to start thinking about getting a new one.  

2. It’s costing you money

Keep an eye on your energy bills, and make note of abnormal spikes. If your energy usage is unusually high for no reason, it could be an issue with an overactive appliance. If you’re shovelling out money to pay for maintenance calls, it might be time for an upgrade.  

Modern fridges are designed to be energy efficient, so by replacing your old fridge you’ll certainly save money on your energy bills (and maintenance bills) over time. Look for fridges with Energy Star ratings! That means they meet energy efficiency standards.

3. It’s like a nightclub in July: Hot & noisy

If it’s throwing excessive heat, it’s likely struggling to keep its cool. Any rattles, wheezes or roars could be a bad sign and should signal a call to a Rümi professional.  

While some noises are normal for a fridge (such as the occasional hum), loud or unusual noises could indicate something is wrong. Listen for unusual buzzing, clanking, or banging noises which could be a sign of a malfunctioning compressor, a damaged fan, or other issues.  

4. Your ice maker or water dispenser is leaking

Sound the alarms! And by that, we mean call a Rümi pro. If you notice water pooling around your fridge, or water dripping from the freezer compartment, it's likely that your fridge is leaking.

Deal with leaks as soon as they are detected. Faster repairs reduce further damage to your home or surrounding appliances.  

Leaks should be taken seriously. Often these are caused by a faulty defrost drain, a damaged water line or other issues. If there is water damage in your home, call in a Rümi pro to help with fixing the damage.  

5. Your food is spoiling quickly

Sure, avocados are temperamental, but if all your food seems to spoil faster than usual, it could be your fridge and not your grocers fault. Uneven temperatures throughout your fridge and freezer can impact the quality of your food and can cost you money in spoiled food.  

Ensure that your temperature controls are near the recommended factory settings, or have your fridge serviced to rule out a malfunctioning compressor, a damaged fan, or a faulty thermostat. Our experts will help you determine if repairs can be completed, or if it’s time to replace your fridge.  

Want to learn more about refrigerating and freezing food safely? Check out this handy guide by the chefs at Blue Flame Kitchen!

6. The freezer looks like a frozen wasteland

If you need an ice pick to chisel out your fish fingers or ice cream, something might be wrong. Excessive frost build-up, improper cooling, or constant running of the motor could be signs that your fridge is not functionally operating.  

7. You can’t shut the doors

Let’s face it, not all fridges are equal. So if you find your produce spilling onto the floor every time you open the door, you may need a larger fridge or something that offers your household adequate food storage. If your family has grown, or you've decided to cook a full turkey every weekend, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model with features to suit your needs.  

A newer and larger fridge will give you more space to store food and drinks, making it easier to keep everything organized. It might even reduce your trips to the grocery store! Plus, who doesn't love a fancy new appliance — it’s an excellent way to give your kitchen a fresh, modern look with a wide range of styles and colours to choose from.

Do any of these failing fridge signs ring true?

If you're considering replacing or repairing your old fridge, be sure to do your research, and choose a model or method that fits your needs and budget. From age and energy efficiency to size and style, our Rümi service team is ready to support you on your quest for a refrigerator refresh.  

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