Feb 7, 2022

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Steamy Windows

Foggy, icy or dripping windows are a common problem in Alberta winters, especially during extreme cold snaps. Learn what to do about window condensation on Rümi.

Foggy, icy or dripping windows are a common problem in Alberta winters — especially during extreme cold snaps. Have you ever wondered why?

Well, as you read this, your furnace is likely working overtime to keep your home a comfortable temperature inside as temperatures outside plummet. Warm air holds humidity, so as you’re heating your home, making soup, washing the dog, pouring cups of hot tea, and generally living your best life in the snowy season, you’re creating an environment that’s naturally opposed to what’s happening out there (shudder).  

As anyone who’s gazed at the frosty outdoors from their cozy home sanctuary knows, a not-so-desirable byproduct of this seasonal battle is moisture fogging up your view. It can also be dangerous for your home. Excess moisture from windows can damage weather seals and promote growth of mold and mildew (emphasis on ‘ew’). Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your windows clear of these moist messes. Here’s what you need to know:

Keep an eye out

Moisture on the inside of windows is common in colder climates and is something all homeowners must be aware of. Check all your windows regularly, especially during extreme weather conditions. Look for dripping or pooling water on your windowsills and surrounding drywall. If you see excess moisture, or the start of mold growth, make sure you clean it with a household cleaner and wipe the surface dry immediately. Mold and mildew can certainly grow on your windowsills if left unchecked, but it won’t grow overnight.

Let the light in

If you do see signs of moisture on your windows, especially frost, you may want to open your blinds a few inches during the day. This will let the warm air defrost the inside of your windows — but be sure to place a towel on the windowsill to help absorb any melting and prevent damage caused by water.

Furnace frenzy

Do you have a humidifier installed with your household furnace? Humidifiers can be hugely helpful for managing Alberta’s dry winter climate, but during extreme cold they may also be the cause of your wet windows! Don’t be afraid to turn your humidifier down to 10% or off completely during extended cold snaps and use ‘Winter Mode’ settings. According to our Rümi experts, your home’s natural humidity will be around 20% just from living (cooking, taking showers, etc.) in the space. So, there’s no need to worry about turning your humidifier down for a couple of days — it will help prevent moisture damage to your windows!

Don’t have a household humidifier, but want one? Rümi is ready to help you combat the dry Alberta air with the installation of a home humidification system. Add moisture to the air as your heating system circulates it through every room in your home.  

When in doubt, de-humidify

If you have an area of your home that may be susceptible to moisture damage (think basements and attics), a dehumidifier could be the solution to your problem. Our experts recommend running a dehumidifier during Chinook melts and spring days, as well as during cold snaps to help minimize moisture on and around your windows.  

Added bonus: A convenient byproduct of dehumidifiers is heat! So, if your basement is a tad chilly, your dehumidifier will prevent moisture damage and warm up the space all in one.

When to replace

If the seals on your windows are worn out (which can happen in older windows), or you’re seeing condensation in between the panes of glass, it may be time to replace your windows. Rümi can help with windows designed to stand up to Canadian winters. They perform through all our extraordinary seasons, meaning you can worry less about moisture damage!

Damage & remediation

If you already suspect mold or mildew damage in your home, don’t mess around; Rümi is ready to help. Book a mold inspection and air quality test as soon as possible. Mold in the home is a health hazard and especially dangerous for individuals with allergies, asthma or mold sensitivity. And the musty smell and stains left behind don’t exactly give a luxurious “welcome home” feeling.  

If our experts do find mold, they can help you remove it and get you on the right track to restoring home. The best part? We’ll leave your drywall intact and untouched. Using our patented Dry Fog technology, we’ll be able to reach every nook and cranny. And by treating mold this way, your family only needs to leave home for a few hours — no cleanup or reconstruction needed!

So, if you’re seeing steamy windows in your home, don’t panic; there are lots of things you can do to lessen the moisture and prevent damage. Remember these useful tips and tricks and call on Rümi if your home needs some extra TLC.  

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